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Analysis and Opinion
27 February 2017

Pauline Rigby untangles the common misunderstanding we see when comparing the economic benefits of 5G and fibre...

Analysis and Opinion
19 January 2017

The legend of 5G grows mightier by the day. But before we can reach the promised land, core networks will require...

Analysis and Opinion
24 November 2016

This week, the UK government handed broadband operators a double helping of encouragement to deploy fibre networks...

Analysis and Opinion
3 November 2016

It’s optical networking hardware Jim, but not as we know it: Facebook has unveiled Voyager, which it describes as...

Analysis and Opinion
5 October 2016

LONDON - ADTRAN CONNECT EMEA 2016 - The European Commission’s new strategy for a gigabit society will narrow down...

Analysis and Opinion
18 May 2016

An industry coalition representing Britain’s telecoms providers has challenged Ofcom to deliver on its promises to...

Analysis and Opinion
24 February 2016

Nokia, Intel and major telecom operators have joined Facebook in a new initiative that aims to make it easier and...

Analysis and Opinion
5 January 2016

Generic and low-cost digital signal processing chips for coherent optical transceivers are required for the 100G...

Analysis and Opinion
9 November 2015

By Barney Lane, director of regulatory affairs, Colt Technology Services

I would like to say a few...

Analysis and Opinion
4 November 2015

By Colin Sempill, managing director at SSE Enterprise Telecoms

Modern life continues to accelerate...