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Analysis and Opinion
7 September 2015

By Beth Harlen

Within telecoms circles, the term ‘network neutrality’ often evokes a strong reaction...

Analysis and Opinion
17 August 2015

By Ronan Kelly, chief technology officer for EMEA and APAC at ADTRAN

Analysis and Opinion
8 July 2015

By Robert Roe

GreenTouch, a consortium dedicated to improving the energy efficiency of data...

Analysis and Opinion
19 June 2015

By Pauline Rigby

June will be a defining month for photonic integration in the United States. The US...

Analysis and Opinion
18 February 2015

By Dr. Maxim Kuschnerov

The future never works out quite how you planned. After introducing 100G...

Analysis and Opinion
25 November 2014

Playing games is not just a bit of fun; it is also big business; and it illustrates the importance of...

Analysis and Opinion
23 October 2014

By Giacomo Losio, head of technology at ProLabs...

Analysis and Opinion
17 September 2014

By Bertrand Clesca, head of global marketing, Xtera Communications

Analysis and Opinion
9 September 2014

By Stu Benington, vice president of cloud and SDN business unit, Coriant


Analysis and Opinion
26 August 2014

Michelle Pauli, a writer for JISC, examines a dark fibre project...