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28 November 2018

INCA members recently gathered to examine the opportunities and challenges presented to the alternative network (altnet) sector on the path to full fibre and 5G. Keely Portway reports on some of the main topics covered at the event

21 September 2018

Roshene McCool and Matthew Guinan advise how operators can meet the connectivity distribution and densification challenge

Massive connection point distribution and optical fibre cable densification is occurring in access and data centre networks. Each connection point needs an optical fibre, so the number of fibre strands needed to deliver network connectivity is spiralling upwards, while space and physical pathways to route these fibres is fixed or rapidly being consumed.

20 September 2018

Mathieu Bergont and Francois Couny look at the challenges that come with PIC testing and measurement

Photonic integrated circuits (PIC) are already deployed in commercial products and are steadily replacing traditional optical subassemblies, providing an improved level of miniaturisation while reducing electrical consumption. Data center interconnects (DCI) currently drive the demand for PIC, but 5G is also expected to benefit from PIC in the near future, indirectly affecting PIC testing and measurement requirements.

20 September 2018

How has the strength of the Electronic Communications Code been tested by the dispute between Virgin Media and Durham County Council? Brian Wake offers his view*

19 September 2018

The UK City and Guilds 3667 qualification is fit for purpose, and the one to which communications cabling installers and technicians aspire, argues Chris Atkin

06 September 2018

Dr Danish Rafique offers a strategic blueprint for the optical networking sector

29 August 2018

Anthony Clarkson examines the opportunities that could be presented to networks by ‘dark ­fibre’

20 June 2018

The second day of this year’s ANGA COM conference and exhibition in Cologne saw the Broadband and Media Summit prompt lively debate amongst panellists, particularly regarding the recently announced Vodafone Deutschland-Unitymedia acquisition. Keely Portway reports

Moderator, Claus Strunz mediated between participants Dr. Manuel Cubero, CCO, Vodafone; Lutz Schüler CEO, Unitymedia; Conrad Albert, deputy CEO and group general council, ProSiebenSat.1 Media; Carsten Schmidt CEO, Sky Deutschland; and Dr. Dirk Wössner, member of the board of management for Germany Deutsche Telekom.

04 June 2018

Ana Pesovic discusses the three core elements required in creating a smart city

For centuries, humanity has looked for new ways to build smarter cities; ways that improve city operations, grow the economy and create a better place for people to work and live. From the aqueducts in Rome to the more recent technology innovations that help simplify the challenges of urban life, cities are, and have been, getting smarter throughout history.

03 April 2018

Following the second annual debating reception organised by the UK Fibre Connectivity Forum, Richard Ednay poses whether the UK can catch-up with the global full fibre connectivity race

01 March 2018

Will silicon photonics live up to its promises? Pauline Rigby investigates

16 February 2018

Mobile futures depend on fibre but first the technology camps must start talking to each other, argues David Brunnen



Cost and compatibility can make a compelling case for pushing 100Gb/s bandwidth over a single optical channel, both as individual links and supporting 400Gb/s Ethernet, finds Andy Extance

Analysis and opinion
Analysis and opinion

Robin Mersh takes a look at how the industry is creating next-generation optical access fit for 5G


Technological advances to aid the increasing demand for bandwidth, on the path towards the terabit network, should lead to optical signals that are flexible and adaptive, like water, argues Dr Maxim Kuschnerov and Dr Yin Wang