Analysis & opinion

09 November 2015

By Barney Lane, director of regulatory affairs, Colt Technology Services

I would like to say a few words about the regulatory regime, it suitability for today and its fitness for the future. In doing so, I would like to start with two propositions.

04 November 2015

By Colin Sempill, managing director at SSE Enterprise Telecoms

Modern life continues to accelerate and telecoms is no exception. What was once an impressive 1Gb/s connection, now needs to be a minimum of 10Gb/s, with capacity to grow to 100Gb/s. This increase in demand has been driven – in part – by both the sheer volume of connected devices and increasingly collaborative business practices, which increase the amount of data crossing the network. Cloud systems, for example, now make up to €12 billion of the UK IT market.

07 September 2015

By Beth Harlen

Within telecoms circles, the term ‘network neutrality’ often evokes a strong reaction as there are few subjects within the industry that are quite as polarised legally, politically and practically.

17 August 2015

By Ronan Kelly, chief technology officer for EMEA and APAC at ADTRAN

08 July 2015

By Robert Roe

GreenTouch, a consortium dedicated to improving the energy efficiency of data communications networks, has unveiled new tools, technologies and architectures as part of a five-year study that was completed at the end of June 2015.

19 June 2015

By Pauline Rigby

June will be a defining month for photonic integration in the United States. The US government is expected to announce the winners of its $110 million integrated photonics manufacturing initiative.

18 February 2015

By Dr. Maxim Kuschnerov

The future never works out quite how you planned. After introducing 100G coherent technology into core and submarine networks, product design engineers now lust for a progression of proprietary coherent interfaces for the metro sector, enabled by falling component costs and higher-order modulation schemes that decrease the cost per bit of the physical interfaces.

25 November 2014

Playing games is not just a bit of fun; it is also big business; and it illustrates the importance of fibre to the home, according to Nadia Babaali

23 October 2014

By Giacomo Losio, head of technology at ProLabs

ECOC 2014, the largest European optical communication conference, was a fascinating show. We saw myriad demonstrations of compact 100G devices in QSFP+ and CFP4 form factor, as well as multi-vendor interoperability of optical links where these two form factors are used. 100G client interfaces have reached a point where they can really enable design of dense systems.

Growth of affordable transceivers

17 September 2014

By Bertrand Clesca, head of global marketing, Xtera Communications

09 September 2014

By Stu Benington, vice president of cloud and SDN business unit, Coriant

The evolving connectivity needs of both businesses and consumers are piling the pressure on service providers on a daily basis. Traditional business models are being exposed as outdated, while the limitations of traditional static transport architectures are being challenged.

26 August 2014

Michelle Pauli, a writer for JISC, examines a dark fibre project that will enable researchers to explore the future internet

How can researchers do the very necessary work of experimenting with a future internet and its technologies without breaking the internet we already have?

'Dark fibre' is the key, and UK researchers now have access to a whole lot more of it, thanks to the arrival of Aurora2, the National Dark Fibre Infrastructure Service (NDFIS).