ECOC 2014

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21 September 2014

The ECOC Exhibition, the largest European optical communications event, is a key meeting place for those within the fibre optic communication technology industry.




Albis Optoelectronics

Albis Optoelectronics is a leading designer, developer and manufacturer of high-speed photodiodes. For more than 10 years, the company has been offering the broadest portfolio of Telcordia qualified InP and GaAs photodiodes for datacom and telecom applications in the industry! At the upcoming ECOC, Albis will present its hermetically packaged, microwave photodetectors up to 30 GHz. The PQW series are high-speed microwave photodiode modules designed for direct optical-to-electrical conversion of RF-modulated optical signals. The optical input is supplied through a single- or multimode fiber pigtail. Model PQW20A-L provides a typical bandwidth of 26 GHz. The high performance Albis photodiode inside this unit is designed to operate in the wavelength region from 1260 to 1620 nm. Short wavelength model PQW30A-S comes with a multimode fiber and has a typical bandwidth of 33 GHz. The high performance Albis GaAs photodiode used inside this device is optimized for wavelengths ranging from 800 to 860 nm.


Anritsu supplies test and measurement equipment for both Wireline and Wireless Communications. Best known in the wireline transmission environment for its Signal Quality Analysers, OTDRs and Optical Spectrum Analysers, Anritsu provides a complete range of products for research and development and production test, as well as for installation, commissioning, maintenance and monitoring applications.

Anritsu recently launched the MT1000A Network Master Pro, a portable, compact and user-friendly all-in-one transport tester, aimed at technicians who install and maintain mobile-access, fixed-access, metro and core transmission telecoms networks.

The new MT1000A Network Master Pro, together with the MU100010A test module, provides all the capabilities required for field-testing an Optical Transport Network (OTN). It supports the new OTN features ODU0 and ODUflex, as well as Ethernet, Fibre Channel and SDH/SONET at rates up to 10 Gbps. It also handles legacy PDH and DSn interfaces.


Arden designs manufactures and sells instruments and components for the optical fibre and laser industries. Products include laser beam profilers, launch condition analysers for real-time measurement of encircled flux; Modcom mode controllers for producing standardised modal launch conditions in multimode optical fibres; high magnification interferometers for optical fibre end face inspection; OTDR lead in boxes; and custom optical fibre measurement systems.

CBS Products

CBS Products is one of the worldÔÇÖs leading manufacturers of aerial and underground cable installation equipment and the world famous, Tornado, Breeze and Airstream cable blowing machines, cable placing tools,  winches, cable lashing and FTTH installation equipment Including the New AccelAir 2. CBS products has a truly global reach, wherever or whatever your requirement. To learn more about CBS products, visit Stand #242.


Data-Pixel proudly presents its new range of entry-level interferometers, namely the 3DScope-V2 and the 3DScope-MT.ÔÇ¿- 3DScope-V2 can measure all single-fibre connectors and has a completely redesigned mechanical interface for more accurate measurements and user-friendliness.ÔÇ¿

3DScope-MT can measure all multi-fibre and single fibre connectors.ÔÇ¿

Background on Data-Pixel: ÔÇ¿Data-Pixel is the leader in optical test and measurement equipment for the Fibre Optic Industry:

  • DAISI and DAISI-MT: automated production interferometers measuring single + multifiber ferrules
  • 3D-SCOPE: entry-level volume production interferometers
  • D-SCOPE: high-quality microscope for automated visual inspection of fibre optic connector endfaces as well as the alignment of polarization-maintaining fibres
  • KONCENTRIK-V2: eccentricity, indexing and fibre-angle measurements on bare ferrules + connectors

Visit us on stand #217


New splicing accessories, an expanded portfolio of optical test equipment and passive solutions for Fibre-to-the-Home (FTTH) installations will be among Fujikura’s ECOC 2014 offerings.

Launched this year, the FOCIS PRO Inspection Kit is one product making its ECOC debut. With mobility and connectivity at its core, the test equipment comes with a WiFi-based Solution Application, available for Android and iOS devices, giving field installation and maintenance personnel test and inspection power precision and mobility on their own devices. A pass/fail indication is delivered in less than one second.

Fujikura’s range of next generation fusion splicer equipment, including new accessories and the best-selling, reliable and fastest splicer, the 70S, will also be showcased, along with the most portable splicer, the 12S, FUSEConnect products, One-Click Cleaners, FTTX infrastructure and fibre optic cables.

The team will also be able to discuss its brand new Engineering and Optimisation Service, aimed at helping customers maximise their splicing equipment for new business and faster working.

Furukawa Electric Company

Furukawa Electric Company, Ltd. has commenced commercial production of its micro Integrated Tunable Laser Assembly (ITLA), a key component in ultra-high-speed optical digital coherent transmission devices. The integration of the micro ITLA into optical digital coherent transmission equipment is now available to telecommunications carriers, supporting more efficient next generation transmission systems.

'The telecommunications industry is accelerating the deployment of 100 Gb/s, or even faster 400 Gb/s, transmission systems,' siad Hiro Matsushita, GM, FITEL Division of Furukawa Electric. 'These new systems use multilevel modulation like 16-QAM for achieving 400Gb/s, as well as elastic spectrum allocation to improvethe spectral efficiency of the network. A more efficient micro ITLA is critical for such new complex and high-performing systems.'


j-fiber, a LEONI Group company, a supplier of optical fibres. They support LAN and data centre cabling with high-performance bend-insensitive and standard non-BIMMF Multimode fibres.

j-fiber present advanced LAN and Datacenter fibre optics solutions - j-BendAble BIMMF with best bending performance and compatibility and j-FiberUnits for high fibre count cable making.

j-BendAble OM4/OM3/OM2+/OM2 bend-insensitive 50µm MMF featuring best bending performance and splicing compatibility, lowest attenuation loss at smallest bend-radii, best splice-loss performance and full compatibility.

j-FiberUnits outsource a bottle-neck step in high fibre count cable making. With up to 12 fibres of choice j-FiberUnits feature high mechanical flexibility and smallest form factor design for high-density packaging, easy peel-off acrylate buffer, different color sets and ring marking options and standard MPO connectors and equipment use.


See the latest optical communications and network and service enablement solutions from JDSU at ECOC 2014 stand #451. Stop by and learn about important product advancements that include:

  • The broadest 100 G solutions portfolio including the industryÔÇÖs smallest ultra-portable 100 G CSAM tester;
  • Solid, consistent switching performance that our new modular and fixed MAP-based switches offer;
  • The worldÔÇÖs smallest dual-port 10 G testerÔÇöT-BERD┬«/MTS-5800ÔÇönow with OTDR modules;
  • A full suite of client-side transceivers for reaches from 100 m to 80 km; and
  • DWDM telecom transmission modules and components with data center to long haul pluggable tunability that reaches from 10 G to 100 G and beyond.

TrueFlex ROADM solutions ÔÇö colorless, directionless, contentionless, and gridless (CDCG); single and twin WSSs, 1xN, and MxN, twin multicast switches (MCS); multi-port optical channel monitors (OCM); Raman and EDFA amplification; and compact amplifier arrays.


JGRÔÇÖs TLS delivers ultra-wide continuous wavelength range of 1260nm to 1630nm at 0.1nm resolution, covering complete CWDM spectral range. It features a very high Side Mode Suppression Ratio (SMSR) of over 80dB, low coherence length, high resolution and repeatability, which makes this source perfect for characterization of CWDM, PON and other optical components as well as for general lab use. The TLS also features large line width of about 75pm which results in low coherence length and therefore negligible interference effects. The tuning speed of our TLS is over 100nm/second and the output power is typically between -5 and + 5dBm. It is available with PM or SM output options.

Microlap Technologies

Microlap Technologies is a global supplier of standard or custom ceramic ferrules and sleeves as well as sapphire windows/lenses for the fiber optic industry. They offer industry standard ferrule and sleeve sizes but can also produce custom configurations to meet your exact size and design requirements. Their high-precision manufacturing equipment can provide your design and engineering teams with creative and economical solutions.

MicrolapÔÇÖs mechanical machining processes include cutting, lapping, grinding and polishing of extremely hard materials to produce a high-precision product that meets your exact specifications. Our high-precision machining capabilities of ultra-hard materials offer a wide variety of solutions for multiple applications and industries.


At this yearÔÇÖs ECOC show, Molex (stand 352) will showcase a wide range of innovative fibre optic interconnect solutions and complete sub-systems optimised for high-speed communications.
Enabling the networking world's newest open-compute platforms with streamlined design and superior scalability, the MXC Optical Interconnect Solution, with VersaBeamÔäó expanded-beam MT technology, delivers cutting-edge high-density performance.

'To support rapid technology growth and next-generation open-compute-rack-scale architectures with bandwidth and distance requirements that will triple in the next five years, makers of networking systems (servers, storage and infrastructure) must facilitate diverse dedicated networking segments in order to achieve superior transmission performance,' explains Peter Kontros, Business Development Manager IPD, Fiber Optic Market , Molex.

'MolexÔÇÖs MXC Optical Interconnect Solution, an equipment-panel interface, enables cloud-service providers to achieve exceptional efficiencies and design flexibilities through disaggregated architectures to support future transmission requirements. The new optical connector interface is designed to support a wide array of data-centre applications, spanning the spectrum of single compute platforms to very complex, high-performance-computing applications requiring the densest of deployments.'


Optoscribe 3D waveguides are the ideal solution for space division multiplexing (SDM).

Connecting between singlemode Fibers (SMF), Multimode fibers (MMF) and Multicore fibers (MCF) is made simple. The 3D Optofan Series enables users to dramatically increase in the amount of data that can be transferred across networks, minimise network costs and maximise cable performance especially where space is at a premium and super connectivity is essential.

The 3D MMux Photonic Lantern provides a unique interface between multimode and singlemode technologies for easy mode division multiplexing using Few Mode Fibers (FMFs).

Unlike more conventional bundled fibre technologies, the 3D Optofan Series offer standard 4,7 and 19 core configurations that can be easily customised to suit MCF geometry. Other core configurations ÔÇô and arbitrary core positions ÔÇô are possible.

Visit us on Stand 304.

OptoTest Corporation

OptoTest Corporation will proudly showcase the new OP940 Insertion Loss and Return Loss instrument at the ECOC. The next generation of the popular IL/RL technology, this new instrument boasts a larger color display with new built-in features such as On-Screen Context Help, Scan Mode, and Programmable Color Coded Pass/Fail Results.

While retaining many of the features of the original IL/RL instrumentation, this generation of equipment provides more control of the settings and allows the user to measure RL results at two positions simultaneously without using software. The user interface has been reimagined to be more intuitive and to make full use of the new color LCD front panel display.

Visit us at Booth 190 to get a demonstration and learn more about the new OP940 Insertion Loss and Return Loss instrument.

Phoenix Photonics

Phoenix Photonics, the UK-based optical fibre components specialist, will launch a novel single paddle polarization controller complementing its polarization mode control range, at ECOC.

The single paddle polarization controller gives full coverage of the Poincare sphere. The new intuitive design can be controlled with one hand by rotating the paddle and lever to the desired condition.

Phoenix will also be launching a fibre tunable directional coupler that can be manufactured using SM or PM fibre types from 633nm to 1550nm, providing coupling ratio from 0 -100%.

Additionally, Phoenix will showcase its full polarization control and space division multiplexing range including multi-channel and electronic controllers, high speed Polarimeter, and Photonic Lantern.

Phoenix Photonics

Phoenix Photonics will be showcasing its space division multiplexing (SDM) range of components at ECOC 2014, ground floor booth #354 - 355. Phoenix is a market leader in all-fibre SDM technology offering a range of products to assist in this important state of the art research and deployment of future SDM networks.

Phoenix currently offers three-fibre and six-fibre photonic lanterns for multimode mux/dmux applications. Also available are tuneable mode converters or all-fibre fixed mode converters, mode strippers, patchcords, and few mode fibre graded and step index fibre.

Phoenix has a number of new products in development including a few mode fibre coupler and VOA.


Polatis is the leading supplier of high performance all-optical cross-connect solutions for remote fibre-layer provisioning, protection, monitoring, reconfiguration and test, with over 1200 systems in-service worldwide.   DirectLight dark-fibre optical circuit switches add dynamic connectivity to optical networks with minimal impact on system budgets, scaling currently from 4x4 to 192x192 fibre ports with typical loss of less than 1dB.   Featured at ECOC this year are our latest additions to the series 6000 range, including the compact 1U high 48x48 switch and the new 192xCC single-sided 192-fibre non-blocking cross-connect..  Now featuring embedded OpenFlow support, the Series 6000 is ideal for adding optical circuit switch functionality to your software-defined datacentre network, enabling router bypass with near-zero, speed-of-light data latency for time-critical traffic.  Integrated optical power meters enable signal monitoring and levelling together with fast optical layer automatic protection switching.  To find out more, visit and meet us at ECOC Stand 208.


ProLabs, the leading independent provider of global optical network infrastructure products, are now supplying MellanoxÔÇÖs comprehensive LinkX product portfolio of 10/40/56Gb/s InfiniBand and Ethernet QSFP+ and SFP+ cables and modules in the EMEA region and the United States and will be showcasing their range on ProLabs Stand 174.

Mellanox is synonymous with highly advanced and innovative interconnect technology and ProLabs have established ourselves as one of the leading innovators in providing reliable, cost effective components in the network product space. Together we believe we develop high-quality technology, which are reliable, robust and cost-effective.

Whether the application is Ethernet or InfiniBand, cloud or Web 2.0, server to top-of-rack, server to storage or switch to switch, LinkX cables and modules maximize ROI with superior performance, flexibility and scalability.


ECOC 2014 will see Senko Advanced Components launch its Wi-Fi Smart Probe. Responding to an industry demand for a cordless device with ease-of-use features that are practical in the field, the Senko Wi-Fi Smart Probe also boasts superior image capture; build quality & user friendly interface software. A Lightwave innovation award winner with 960 x 554 image resolution, still capture & zoom capabilities, it is sold with two rechargeable batteries and a free Android App that is available to download on Google play or Senko online. Images are captured digitally and streamed on the monitor of any Android Tablet or Smartphone. Featuring integrated Wi-Fi module and left/right handed thumb or finger operation for greater ease of use and convenience & sold with tips fitting 1.25mm & 2.50mm ferrule sizes. To celebrate its arrival on the market, Senko will hold a competition to win a Smart Probe at this yearÔÇÖs 40th ECOC in Cannes, France.

Skylane Optics

Skylane Optics is a leading provider of transceivers for optical communication. We offer an extensive portfolio for the enterprise, access, and metropolitan fiber optical market as well as for home networks based on plastic optical fibre.

Skylane Optics is based in Belgium where the logistics center and the high-tech laboratory are located. We are covering the European market with a strong partner network and have offices in Brazil, Taiwan, Sweden, Luxembourg and Italy to support partners and customers locally.

The offerings provided by Skylane Optics are characterized by high quality and performance. In combination with our strong technical support, we enable our customers to build cost optimized network solutions solving existing and future capacity needs.

Skylane Optics will introduce the following new products during ECOC 2014:
    ÔÇó    GPON Stick with low power consumption (a complete ONU integrated into an SFP form factor)
    ÔÇó    100G CFP LR4

Visit us at Booth 372.

TE Connectivity

TE Connectivity will be exhibiting the following at ECOC 2014:
┬À         100G, 300G and 400G active fiber optic products featuring 25G Coolbit optical engines - Coolbit optical engines convert data from electrical signals to optical signals and will add to TEÔÇÖs extensive fiber connectivity for central office, data center, enterprise and undersea applications and allow the company to offer stronger solutions for the core network. As data center energy consumption concerns rise, along with the need for more data, cooling at the component level will continue to increase in importance. Boasting extremely low power consumption, with QSFP28 modules performing at less than 1.5 Watts per transceiver, this new line of active optics is poised to help communication systems achieve up to 60 percent more power savings than existing solutions.


Tektronix, a manufacturer of oscilloscopes, has announced that the company will be showcasing a wide-range of optical test and measurement products at ECOC 2014 Stand 495. The Tektronix products on display will address a wide range of applications, from 40Gbps stressed pattern generation for high speed datacom and telecom test and 40 Gbps multi-channel BER measurements and analysis for stressed receiver testing of data communications designs, as well as multi-channel pattern generation and multi-channel BERT testing to coherent lightwave signal analysis and testing of the worldÔÇÖs most complex components; visitors to the Tektronix stand will be able to get hands-on demonstrations and technical advice to help them solve their individual test and measurement challenges. On hand will be the new AWG70000 Series Arbitrary Waveform Generator that offers the industryÔÇÖs best combination of high sample rate, long waveform memory and deep dynamic range.


Service providers will save time and money with UTEL’s new PTO 4 customer termination unit, which will be unveiled at ECOC for the first time. The pre-connected unit will enable easier installations of quality Fibre-To-The-Home (FTTH) fittings for customer outlets.

Once installed, the unit can serve between one and four outlets and is factory terminated with cables up to the length of 60 metres. This minimises time spent in customer premises and removes the requirement for special tools, such as splicers.

With UTEL’s PTO 4, the installation process is stress free. All that it requires is to simply fix the unit to the selected point and then take the reverse wound cable to the appropriate splicing point.

UTEL will also be available at ECOC to discuss the development of their Fast Light technology, which allows PON system operators to test and monitor their fibre optic systems centrally using the advanced OTDR and software platform.


Xilinx will showcase 100G solutions with live traffic over optical fire and backplane demonstrations in the OIF booth at ECOC 2014.

This event marks Xilinx's continued participation in industry-wide interoperability demonstrations of 4 x 25Gb/s (100Gb/s) channels and will highlight three different scenarios featuring Xilinx all-programmable devices.

Visit Xilinx at OIF Booth #525.