Next Generation Optical Networking 2015

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22 June 2015

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Informa Telecoms and Media


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We are in a new era of expectations, says Alcatel-Lucent. Consumers never part with their smart devices and decades of ICT investments place applications at the heart of businesses. Initially supported by huge increases in access bandwidth, cloud services and Internet of Things now drive the need for agility and elasticity in the network. Alcatel-Lucent is leading a new generation of agile optical networking equipment required to support this evolution, and has deployed its products and services across the world.

The demo showcase provides the opportunity to see multiple demonstrations showing Alcatel-Lucent’s technology in action. Leading experts in the showcase will be available to discuss how the technology can benefit your business and how it can be integrated into your existing network. “Our customers told us last year that our showcase was the highlight of the show for them, book a demo tour with us this year to see what they were talking about,” the company said.


At this year’s Next Generation Optical Network show, join Anritsu on booth #16 to see the very latest in optical network testing, including the new enhanced Network Master series.

The increasing demand for mobile data is driving telecom networks to deploy cloud radio access networks (C-RAN), with centralised base band units and multiple remote radio head units connected via interfaces such as CPRI or OBSAI. The MT1000A and MT1100A Network Masters now support 8 CPRI interface rates from 614.4Mb/s to 10.1376Gb/s, which ensures testing of all current and future requirements. Testing of CPRI over OTN and testing of OBSAI are also included.

These units provide complete functionality for testing OTN, Ethernet, CPRI/OBSAI, Fibre Channel and SDH/SONET, plus legacy PDH and DSn interfaces. Anritsu says the MT1000A and MT1100A are the first compact all-in-one OTN testers that give the user the capability to test the network with Ethernet, CPRI, Fibre Channel and SDH/SONET client signals.


Visit Coriant, a provider of multi-layer transport solutions for fixed line and mobile operators, at Next Generation Optical Networking 2015, booth #15. Discover how the company’s software-defined network (SDN)-enabled IP/MPLS edge routing and packet-optical transport platforms are reshaping networks to enable a new generation of communications services, applications, devices and users.

Get the latest on key market trends in transport networking from Coriant technology experts, who will be presenting on a variety of industry topics on the Wednesday of this year's conference. Uwe Fischer, Coriant’s chief technology officer, will give a presentation entitled “Harnessing an Agile Packet Optical Transport Layer in SDN-Enabled, Open Network Architectures”. Coriant executives will take part in two separate panel discussions. Stefan Voll, vice president, product management will discuss the increasing interest in OTN switching, specifically “Routers and Optics Separate vs. Packet Optical Approach”. Meanwhile Harald Bock, head of technology strategy, will contribute to the panel “Debating the photonic integration solutions”.

ECI Telecom

ECI Telecom will be introducing its 400G blade for the Apollo packet-optical platform at Next Generation Optical Networking, booth #11. The 400G flexible-grid blade is designed to transport data with higher spectral efficiency and industry-leading port density, resulting in reduced rack space and less power consumption, the company claims.  In addition, the blade enables carriers to configure a mix of 10G, 40G and 100G on the client side and to choose the required speed/reach on the line side. This provides greater efficiency, improved flexibility and reduced total cost of ownership – features that will be appreciated by service providers and data centre operators.


Icotera is a developer and supplier of innovative fibre gateway products and smart home technology for fibre-to-the-home networks. The company’s high-quality customer premises equipment (CPE) hardware and software is today supporting network operators throughout Europe. The company is dedicated to providing its customers – including telecoms operators and utility providers – with trend-setting products, unique features and round-the-clock support that enables their success through additional revenue streams and sustained growth. Icotera products set the standard by combining future-proof gigabit connectivity with zero-touch management, smart home features and a high level of in-house technical support. Contact them to book a meeting during the conference.


JDSU innovates and collaborates with customers to build and operate high-performance and high-value networks around the world. At Next Generation Optical Networking in Nice, the company will be showcasing products from the test and measurement side of the business, soon to become Viavi Solutions, as well as the optical components business, which is to be spun out as a new company called Lumentum.

JDSU’s ONT-100G platform helps optical components manufacturers to develop and validate second-generation 100G modules, including CFP2, CFP4, and QSFP28, to challenging requirements including dynamic skew. Its unique applications probe deeper into the physical layer and, combined with powerful accessories such as the CFP2 electrical adapter, can accelerate troubleshooting, thus bringing products to market faster and more reliably.

The JDSU Micro Twin 1x20 module is the latest addition to the company’s TrueFlex colourless, directionless, contentionless and gridless (CDCG) ROADM components and subsystems. This product is designed to enable a new generation of JDSU ROADM-on-a-blade implementations. It supports a test access port (2 x 20 configuration) and achieves best-in-industry density, cascaded optical performance and flexible spectrum control, JDSU says.

MRV Communications

On booth #21 MRV Communications will be showcasing its OptiDriver family, an advanced optical transport platform designed to helping data centre operators, content delivery networks and cloud service providers maximise investments in their 10G/40G infrastructure by providing a flexible, intelligent path to a 100G optical transport network. MRV’s OptiDriver family is designed to optimize both 10Gb/s and 100Gb/s applications with the industry’s most compact, low power, and flexible product line.

The OD platform offers a variety of 100Gb/s capabilities, including flexible 10G/40G/100G muxponders, low-cost 100G media converters, traditional transponders and flexible reconfigurable optical add-drop multiplexers (ROADMs). MRV’s intelligent ROADM modules allow network operators to dynamically move individual groups of wavelengths around the network through software rather than hardware changes. Based on standard interfaces and pluggable optics, OptiDriver’s 100Gb/s platform ensure optimisation with current and future technologies, and can immediately take advantage of advances in applications, span budget and fibre capacity.


Meet Proximion at booth #6 at Next Generation Optical Networking. The company will be prepared to discuss how to upgrade legacy networks with future-proof 100G coherent technology. The challenge is to add 100G coherent channels to a legacy 10G dispersion-compensating fibre (DCF) based network, where the DCF distorts the new 100G channels to the level that signal transmission was impossible. The answer is to use Proximion dispersion compensating modules (DCMs) instead, which supports FlexSpectrum and superior network design. This makes it possible to retain cheaper 10G channels, both in the legacy part and by adding 10G channels for some smaller customers in the new portion of the network. In addition the performance of the 100G channels is improved in the previously uncompensated portion of the network. The end result is substantial cost savings, lower latency, reduced OSNR penalty, and significantly lower power consumption compared to alternative approaches, the company says.