Transform Digital: Bristol

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15 September 2015

Event organiser: 

Independent Networks Cooperative Association (INCA)


In the world of digital infrastructure it’s clear that we’re moving into a new environment, after a period where the Superfast agenda resulted in nearly all the public funding going to one big player. Now, driven perhaps by frustration in rural areas and by investment opportunities in cities, we are seeing the accelerated development of alternative networks and services and new players entering the market. New solutions are emerging at scales ranging from community ‘crowd-funded’ projects, private commercial operators in villages and towns and public companies developing ‘Gigabit Cities’.

The Transform Digital event offers the opportunity to explore these changes. From gigabit cities to rural schemes like B4RN and Cotswolds Broadband, attendees will gain valuable insight into the latest developments in the UK market.

Chris Townsend, CEO of Broadband Delivery UK (BDUK), heads the speaker list alongside leaders from industry, the public sector, and community broadband schemes.