Huber+Suhner Polatis

Huber+Suhner company Polatis (booth 2239) is a supplier of high-performance dynamic all-optical circuit switches for software-defined network provisioning, protection, monitoring, reconfiguration and test. Its reliable, field-proven DirectLight optical switch technology powers more than 2000 systems in-service worldwide and forms the industry’s broadest range of transparent, bidirectional, dark fibre optical circuit switches from 4x4 to 384x384 ports.

At OFC 2017, Huber+Suhner will be releasing the new Polatis Series 6000 Ultra range of fully non-blocking all-optical switches, offering ultra-low optical loss of less than 1.0dB (0.5dB typical) from 4x4 to 32x32 ports in a compact 1RU size. Also highlighted will be integrated solutions that combine Polatis’ optical switch modules with Huber+Suhner’s fibre management systems, offering a new level of dynamic fibre connectivity for the data centre and remote office.

In addition, the booth will feature optically-switched RF over fibre connectivity for remote antennas, together with all-optical switching for C-RAN monitoring, enabling centralised test equipment that can be scaled to manage thousands of fibre links.


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