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NeoPhotonics (booth 3017) will be showing a selection of products that have recently begun sampling to customers. First up are its 400G CFP8 transceiver modules, designed for data centre interconnect and client-side telecom applications over distances of up to 10km. As part of this development, NeoPhotonics recently announced an electroabsorption modulated laser (EML) with the driver integrated with the EML at the chip-on-carrier level. The low-power-consumption 28Gbaud EML with integrated driver is suitable for client side 4x25 NRZ 100G and 4x50 PAM4 200G applications, as well as 8x50 PAM4 400G.

NeoPhotonics will also be showing a coherent CFP-DCO module as part of its ClearLight coherent module product line. The ClearLight DCO Platform uses the latest advances in 16nm digital signal processors, and is suitable for single-wavelength 100G and 200G transmission over data centre interconnect and long-haul distances.