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OFS (booth 2925) will showcase its award-winning TeraWave ultra low loss (ULL) singlemode optical fibre during OFC 2017. Designed for terrestrial long-haul systems, OFS says this fibre combines the best aspects of highly-engineered submarine fibres with cabling performance that is similar to conventional singlemode terrestrial fibre. Specifically, TeraWave ULL fibre is optimised for long haul transmission in the C- and L-bands (1530–1625nm) at 100Gb/s, 400Gb/s and beyond. This fibre’s core features an effective area that is 50 per cent greater than G.652.D singlemode fibre to help reduce nonlinear effects. As a result, TeraWave ULL fibre allows designers to increase distances between amplification and regeneration sites, helping to lower the overall cost of deploying coherent systems – for today and in the future.