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29 June 2022

Keely Portway discovers how the decision-making process for network architects, designers– and anyone involved in the design and deployment of FTTH networks – could be greatly simplified when it comes to choosing PON technology

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27 June 2022

Gemma Church evaluates why spectral efficiency is an important but often overlooked performance criterion

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08 March 2022

Keely Portway reports on a recent webinar about how the telecoms sector is addressing the current shortage in skills, from recruitment through to keeping great candidates once they are on board


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04 March 2022

Keely Portway takes a look at the latest developments when it comes to FTTH deployment in Europe and what needs to be done to overcome the hurdles in the path of acceleration

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03 March 2022

As pressure on telecommunications networks continue to grow, photonic integrated circuits (PIC) are becoming more advanced for optical communications to sustain the unprecedented rise in traffic, finds Abigail Williams

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01 February 2022

Keely Portway on how the next-generation of optical networks will be able to provide the capacity required to support ever-increasing  bandwidth demand

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28 January 2022

Keely Portway takes a look at fibre deployments in the North America region and whether they are shaping up not just to meet targets, but to provide connectivity to all


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26 January 2022

Manufacturing firms must help inspire young engineers as production plants embrace digital technologies, finds Matthew Dale

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24 January 2022

Keely Portway reviews some of the advances made in ROADM technology and looks ahead to what might come next

Cap: The pandemic has fuelled demand for the internet due to digital education, remote working, telehealth, and social connectivity (credit: Josep Suria/shutterstock.com)

02 December 2021

Regulations and standards are key to building the networks of tomorrow. Here, two industry experts offer their view on what to expect 

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01 December 2021

Interoperability is recognised to be the linchpin to open networking, but this can only be achieved via industry collaboration, finds Keely Portway

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01 December 2021

Keely Portway looks at what the current semiconductor shortage could mean for telecoms in 2022