22 June 2017

Systems vendors are using intelligent software to squeeze more performance from optical networks. Pauline Rigby reports on developments at OFC 2017

13 June 2017

CableLabs is spearheading efforts to develop a proposal that uses coherent optics to dramatically boost the capacity of hybrid fibre coaxial networks, reports Andy Extance

02 May 2017

Jonathan Homa examines the benefits of taking a more holistic view of network optimisation

02 May 2017

BT, Telefonica, Telia Carrier and the Global e-Sustainability Initiative explain how the communications industry is reducing carbon emissions, even as data consumption escalates

04 April 2017

Oclaro's Adam Carter and Dan Tauber examine which modulation schemes – DMT, PAM4 or coherent – are likely to prevail in the race to higher-speed transmission for more cost-sensitive links

06 February 2017

Pauline Rigby explores the roadmap for next-generation optical access

03 February 2017

Google wanted to revolutionise the roll-out of fibre, and it still could, writes Benoît Felten

03 February 2017

Commercial development of quantum key distribution is coming just in time to meet the security threat from quantum computers, finds Andy Extance

03 February 2017

CommScope is excited about the future of optical connectivity in access and enterprise networks, writes Beth Harlen

26 October 2016

Online exclusive - Corning's Ian Davis discusses the selection of fibre types for operators with more modest data transmission requirements

03 October 2016

The Consortium for On-Board Optics (COBO) is looking to change networking equipment permanently. Andy Extance finds out why

16 September 2016

Correct cleaning of fibre-optic connectors is the single most powerful practice that network operators have to future-proof their network, argues Ed Forrest