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15 May 2019

A new implementation agreement for low-power consumption will see small modules push technological barriers, finds Andy Extance

01 March 2019

The European Electronic Communications Code has been finalised and formally adopted. How will it aid European fibre deployment, and what factors could impact the end goal of copper switch-off? Keely Portway finds out

25 February 2019

Work has started to hone an idea from Google Fiber to increase the reach and number of customers served per fibre of FTTH services. Andy Extance explains 

15 February 2019

The data centre has created demand for an infrastructure that provides greater bandwidth and higher data rates, but how has this impacted the market for optical components? 

30 January 2019

To exploit machine learning and artificial intelligence, optical transmission systems require greater automation, finds Andy Extance

13 September 2018

With the advancement in high-speed optics and modulation techniques bringing fibre optic systems for terrestrial networks in line with submarine systems, it’s little surprise that the industry is approaching a new era of terrestrial and submarine cable integration. Keely Portway finds out

12 September 2018

Technological advances to aid the increasing demand for bandwidth, on the path towards the terabit network, should lead to optical signals that are flexible and adaptive, like water, argues Dr Maxim Kuschnerov and Dr Yin Wang

06 September 2018

Robin Mersh takes a look at how the industry is creating next-generation optical access fit for 5G

29 August 2018

Cost and compatibility can make a compelling case for pushing 100Gb/s bandwidth over a single optical channel, both as individual links and supporting 400Gb/s Ethernet, finds Andy Extance

08 June 2018

Vanesa Diaz discusses building advanced cable TV networks for gigabit services

01 June 2018

With demand for fibre to the premises increasing, Keely Portway looks at the role training plays in ensuring installation skills remain available to meet this growing demand

29 May 2018

Switching off copper networks where fibre has been deployed is the end game, so why are so few operators doing it, wonders Pauline Rigby