Fibre Systems Spring 2014

Tackling the mobile data tsunami

Over the past couple of years a new buzzword has entered network discussions. Siân Harris finds out what mobile fronthaul is, and why mobile operators are so excited about it

Distribution of wealth

Fibre to the distribution point has the potential to bring superfast broadband to the home – as well as profits to operators, argues Robert Roe

Time for change

Revamped regulation is crucial to curb dwindling revenues among European operators – but, Rebecca Pool asks, will reform reach the industry in time?

Changing of the guard

After years of data centres being held back by their own networks, things are finally progressing, argues Roy Rubenstein

Swiss reliability on a global stage

Fifty years after its formation in a tiny workshop, Reichle and De-Massari is thriving – and still stressing the importance of providing the highest-quality products.
Tim Gillett reports

Progress without limits

Now is the time to encourage governments worldwide to invest in fibre to the home – not in 20 years time, according to FTTH Council president Karin Ahl. Robert Roe reports

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