Optical transmission

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Signalling a high-capacity future for optical networks

The next generation of optical networks will need to provide the capacity required to explosive bandwidth demand, and do so without cost or sustainability compromises. Keely Portway finds out how this delicate balance can be struck.


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Spectral efficiency matters

Gemma Church evaluates why spectral efficiency is an important but often overlooked performance criterion

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The ROADM ahead

Keely Portway reviews some of the advances made in ROADM technology and looks ahead to what might come next

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High notes

When it comes to baud rates, is higher always better?

The magic number

With advances in silicon technology gathering pace, Keely Portway discovers three main ways they are being leveraged to enable the evolution of coherent optical engines

Learning to shape the future

To exploit machine learning and artificial intelligence, optical transmission systems require greater automation, finds Andy Extance

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