Packing a punch

The single-box P-OTS originated as a way to help operators transition their networks from synchronous SONET/SDH traffic to asynchronous packet flows. It included SONET/SDH and packet switching, with optical transport an option (see box: A Brief History of P-OTS below).

Now SONET/SDH is declining whereas packet and optical continue to evolve, while operators want optimisation across the networking layers and be able to mix and match platforms controlled using software-defined networking (SDN). Little wonder, then, that the definition of P-OTS is becoming blurred.


As data demand ramps ever higher, researchers are looking to innovative amplifier designs to help transport a broader light spectrum through optical fibres, finds Andy Extance


Duncan Ellis shares his views about the increased focus on automation from network operators, and how the physical layer has so far stubbornly resisted the move


Switching off copper networks where fibre has been deployed is the end game, so why are so few operators doing it, wonders Pauline Rigby


With demand for fibre to the premises increasing, Keely Portway looks at the role training plays in ensuring installation skills remain available to meet this growing demand

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