UK NHS hospitals and GP practices promised full fibre connection

07 May 2019

The UK’s health secretary, Matt Hancock has committed to ensuring that all NHS organisations can be connected to full fibre broadband.

Italy's Fastweb and Open Fiber to share FTTH networks

03 May 2019

Fastweb will now be able to use some FTTH connections built by Open Fiber.

LightCounting optical transceiver report asks what it will take to put market on track

02 May 2019

LightCounting has released the April edition of its Optical Communications Market Forecast Report.

SSE Enterprise Telecoms wins contract to expand Jisc Janet South network

02 May 2019

SSE Enterprise Telecoms has won a network contract with Jisc to refresh the Janet South network.

Lords Committee calls for UK rural strategy, including review of USO

01 May 2019

The House of Lords Select Committee on the Rural Economy has called on the government to develop a rural strategy in order to help realise the potential of rural economies.

Bavaria receives State aid approval for high capacity investment

29 April 2019

The European Commission has approved an investment project to provide very high capacity broadband networks in six Bavarian municipalities that are already supplied with 30Mb/s connectivity.

UK government commits to digital map of underground cables and pipes

29 April 2019

The UK government’s Geospatial Commission has commissioned the creation of a digital map of underground pipes and cables.

UK/South Korea 5G competition announced

27 April 2019

The UK government’s Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) has announced a new UK/South Korea 5G competition to help prepare the UK for future 5G rollout.

Google cable connecting Chile and California completed

26 April 2019

Google, in partnership with SubCom, has completed the installation of submarine cable uniting Chile and California.

Work begins on new full-fibre network in Essex, UK

26 April 2019

Construction has started on a privately funded project to bring full-fibre to Braintree in Essex, UK, under County Broadband.

Tencent demonstrates 200G IP over DWDM with help from Acacia Communications

23 April 2019

Tencent completed a 80km fibre transmission of multiple 200G 8QAM signals over its OPC-4 open line system (OLS) using Acacia Communications’ CFP2-DCO modules.

Greater Manchester, UK seeks partners for new local fibre network

17 April 2019

The Greater Manchester Combined Authority has issued a Tender Notice for partner companies to help ‘procure the design, implementation, maintenance and support,’ of a new full-fibre network in the area.