Covid-19 ward receives critical comms RF over fibre link

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The Covid-19 ward in the UK’s Royal Liverpool Hospital had a new paging system installed to help recovering patients gain independence.

Stanley Healthcare, which has been working in partnership with the hospital, was commissioned to install the critical communications system at short notice. The company approached ViaLite Communications to supply its Timing & Reference Blue OEM RF over fibre links for integration and a solution was manufactured and fully tested within 24 hours. The solution is designed to transmit accurate timing and frequency reference signals over single-mode optical fibre.

The collaboration is the second time the two firms have worked together, having previously installed a system in London four years ago, which is still in fault-free operation. Further to their successful support with the Covid-19 ward, ViaLite has also been appointed to help with a Cancer ward. Although the hospital has yet to be fully opened, the new unit has been set up to help deal with the city’s Coronavirus cases. 

Colin Barnes, product manager of radio communications at Stanley Healthcare said: ‘The equipment was fitted on site and worked first time. Thank you to the team at ViaLite for getting everything together so quickly.’

ViaLite’s business development manager, Amair Khan, added: ‘I am incredibly proud to be part of a company that cares about what is happening in the world and will work tirelessly to help with this pandemic. The fact that we were able to assist our customers and suppliers by delivering and deploying a fully-tested solution in such a short space of time, especially during these difficult times, shows what a great team we have.’

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