Prysmian selected for 10G project in Australia

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TPG Telecom has chosen to partner with Prysmian Group for the ‘10 Gigabit Adelaide’ project in Australia. This will provide a high-speed fibre optic data network specifically designed for big data users in the region.

The 10 Gigabit Adelaide program was set up to connect the city with a grid of fibre-optic cable, giving every business the ability to access 10Gb/s connectivity. It also creates the potential for Adelaide to become one of the world’s smartest cities. It will particularly benefit data-intensive industries such as the creative, biomedical, finance, defence, advanced manufacturing, information management and cyber security sectors. These industries are seeing significant job growth, which will employ thousands of South Australians in the future.

The high capacity digital web that will span the centre of the city will allow it to run one of the smartest transport systems in the country. In the first phase traffic lights, sensors, cameras and LED street lights can all be interconnected. In the second phase, the city is already planning for connected and autonomous transport, using the high-speed fibre optic network for the high capacity data transfer between vehicles and a central traffic management hub.

Prysmian supplied TPG Telecom with a number of products for the project, including its range of large LMJ joints, and its Flextube and Minism@rt mini loose tube cables – which are smaller in diameter than some standard loose tube cables. Also supplied was the BendBrightXS, Prysmian’s high-end bend insensitive fibre. This combination is designed to allow network owners to reduce their total cost of ownership, whilst also future-proofing the network for future upgrades. Full installation training was additionally provided.

Reggie Naik, general manager, fibre operations at TPG Telecom said: ‘The 10 Gig Adelaide project was a very important project for TPG as we partnered with the City of Adelaide to deliver an Australian first 10G connected city. The support, collaboration and the new technology from Prysmian has been one of the major factors in delivering this important project.’

Added Philippe Vanhille, executive vice president, telecom business unit at Prysmian Group: ‘We are glad we have partnered with TPG Telecom in this significant project. We have worked closely with them to understand which the best solution was, which means also using a special customised version of some of our products and running intensive training in Adelaide with TPG and their installers.’


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