OFC 2023: Tech launches and news

27 February 2023

The Optical Fiber Communication (OFC) exhibition took place from 7-9 March. Here is a round-up of just some of the technology and product announcements, demonstrations and industry news to expect at the event.

LuxQuanta launches commercial quantum CV-QKD system for networks

24 February 2023

The European start-up’s commercial quantum solution is designed to provide ease of installation, reliability and resiliency for quantum key distribution for intra-city networks.

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Nokia, GlobalConnect achieve 1.2Tb/s coherent transmission

24 February 2023

The achievement was part of a live network trial that marks first field trial for Nokia’s sixth generation super-coherent photonic service engine, PSE-6s.

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Start-up, Nubis Communications reveals first commercial product

23 February 2023

The XT1600 optical engine is currently being sampled and has a total capacity of 1.6Tb/s optical transmit and 1.6Tb/s optical receive carried over 16 fibre pairs.

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Open Dutch Fiber increases fibre rollout target to 2 million+ homes

23 February 2023

The move comes after the fibre provider passed 600,000 premises on its fibre optic network.

Bharti Airtel expands long-haul DWDM network

22 February 2023

The network will cover more than 30,000km of fibre across North-west India.

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Full-fibre to reach half of UK homes in March, says regulator

21 February 2023

Ofcom says that this is thanks to competition and investment from network builders.

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Multinet, TIP to build 3.2Tb/s open optical transport network in Pakistan

17 February 2023

The move allows the provider to bring agility, scalability to meet growing bandwidth demand in the region, while adding more cities and towns to Multinet’s fibre network.

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York County to gain new fibre broadband network

16 February 2023

York County Council has finalised an agreement with Lit Fiber - York to provide fibre broadband service to underserved areas of the region.

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Droplet laser development could reduce optical communications costs

15 February 2023

Researchers from the University of Tsukuba used an artificial lotus effect to create liquid droplets that act like tunable lasers and can retain stability for up to a month.

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Maryland Broadband Cooperative upgrades state-wide optical network

14 February 2023

The new 400G network will leverage transport equipment from Ciena, and is designed to bring high-speed connectivity throughout Maryland.

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nbn expands full-fibre eligibility to further million Australian premises

14 February 2023

The upgrades are part of the nbn fibre upgrade program, which was recently boosted by $2.4bn of investment from the Australian Government.