Press Releases

Emtelle has a new addition to its PowerProtect+ range with Opticom, which was recently chosen as the new standard duct between manholes and the intake areas of a range of data centres in EMEA.

OFC 2018 was the platform from which Photon Kinetics introduced its next-generation automated multi-fibre handler, the 1050C Cable Aligner.

Rosenberger OSI has revealed the next step on from its PerCONNECT portfolio of data centre cabling infrastructure for the office and building cabling sector in its new EcoFlex’IT. The new launch is designed to enable an efficient active and passive network from a single source, featuring active components and an overall concept that focuses on efficient and flexible new and existing network installations.

MACOM has introduced the MAOT-025402 CWDM4 transmitter optical sub-assembly as a part of its laser-integrated silicon photonic integrated circuit (L-PIC) solution for 100Gb/s CWDM4.

Amongst its range of integrated silicon to software capabilities, Sterlite Tech brought to the recent OFC 2018 event its new Smarter FTTH Plug and Play kit for telecom operators and ISPs.

The new kit is designed to minimise installation time, taking it from weeks to hours, as well as reduce the need for skilled manpower for splicing and cable slack issues for telecom operators and ISPs.

Sedona Systems launched its new Hierarchical Network Controller product at this year’s OFC conference.

The product is designed to automatically discover, provision and optimise L0-L3 services across multilayer, multivendor, multi-domain networks, affording providers next generation software-defined networks as well as automated service creation and assurance. The controller is ‘hierarchical’ because it exists at the top level of the network control layer above domain controllers from packet and transport vendors.

Amongst its new product launches at the recent OFC conference and exhibition, Finisar introduced what it says is the industry’s first 400G QSFP-DD transceiver and active optical cable for switching and routing applications.

The OFC conference in San Diego saw EXFO launch and demonstrate what it says is the ‘fastest test system’ for insertion loss (IL) and return loss (RL) measurement for a wide variety of passive components, including photonics integrated circuits.

OFS has expanded its portfolio of long haul products with the introduction of TeraWave SCUBA 125 Optical Fiber, which has been designed for coherent transport submarine systems.

Calient Technologies launched, at the recent OFC 2018 event, its Edge|640, a new optical circuit switch with 640 fibre-optic cross connections – up to twice the capacity of the company's existing S320 OCS.

The Edge|640 was developed for data centre, telecommunication and test laboratory applications in response to growing device counts and the need – due to network virtualisation – for increased connectivity. Key applications include wireless network radio-to-baseband units; test lab automation shared test resources and data centre GPU, FPGA and storage compute clusters.