Our 3D Optofan Series 3D MMux Photonic Lantern and FCX Fiber Coupled InterconneX combine multiple components into a single platform to enable high throughput, low insertion loss, and a broad flat spectral response over telecoms bands. This leads to the transmission of high data rates, decreased footprint and reduced assembly costs for both datacoms and telecoms. These products are ideal for Space Division Multiplexing (SDM). The 3D MMux Photonic Lantern provides a unique interface between Multimode and Singlemode technologies, for simple and easy mode division multiplexing using Few Mode Fibers (FMF).

3D Optofan Series

Connecting between Singlemode Fibers (SMF) and Multicore Fibers (MCF) is made simple using the Multicore Fiber fanout series of products.

The 3D Optofan Series enables users to address individual cores within multicore fibers and dramatically increase the amount of data that can be transferred. Unlike more conventional bundled fiber technologies, the 3D Optofan Series of products enable high density transportation of light through 3D waveguides. Optoscribe offers standard 4,7,8 and 19 core configurations that can be easily customised to suit MCF geometry. Other core configurations – and arbitrary core positions – are also possible.

This is ideal for applications where space is at a premium and high bandwidth connectivity is essential.  Applications include space division multiplexing, high density coupling and sensing.

The flexibility to scale our products ensures that we can meet the need for system integrators to increase the amount of data transferred at any given point in time. Our products are robust, reliable and repeatable and the ideal solution for optical communication networks.


3D MMux Photonic Lantern

Paving the way for a new class of components, the 3D MMux Photonic Lantern exploits multiple spatial paths within Multimode Fibers (MMF), and efficiently accesses these channels with individual Singlemode Fibers (SMF). This revolutionises the amount of data that can be transferred across networks by enabling parallel data transmission through a single fiber.

Unlike other approaches, such as bundled fiber technologies, the 3D MMux Photonic Lantern can be easily customised to suit a particular geometry, with cores placed at arbitrary positions on demand. The 3D MMux Photonic Lantern offers standard 3 or 6 core configurations and is available fully packaged with OFS graded index FMF (step index is optional). Other configurations are available as a custom option.


Fiber Coupled InterconneX (FCX)

Optoscribe’s Fiber Coupled InterconneX (FCX) is the ideal solution for fiber connection in optical transceivers. FCX is a unique glass interface designed to enable simple coupling to arrays of emitters or receivers including VCSELs / PDs or PICs. Easy to integrate into system-in-a-package (SIP) solutions, the FCX can be mounted onto PCBs, optical boards or directly bonded as part of hybrid assemblies. The reduced package size simplifies fiber interconnection.



Optoscribe – 3D waveguide technology for optical communications.

The hurdles often associated with the adoption of new technologies are overcome by using our flexible, high performance waveguides. We provide innovative products that are set to revolutionise the optical communications network and help shape the future.

Our accurate 3D embedded waveguides allow the fabrication of devices that are impossible to produce using solely planar technologies, enabling new possibilities and integration scenarios.

Designed to enable compact and robust optical interconnection, Optoscribe’s range of 3D waveguides revolutionise the footprint and form factor of assemblies and dramatically increase the amount of data transferred across networks. This in turnminimises network costs whilst maximising cable performance.

We use proven and tested manufacturing processes to enable simple volume scalability, and ensure that our products are designed to meet the needs of communications markets.

Easy to integrate into a wide range of advanced communications applications our products are compatible with the latest fibers, more specifically, Singlemode Fibers (SMF), Multimode Fibers (MMF) Multicore Fibers (MCF) and Few Mode Fibers (FMF). They can also be integrated into hybrid assemblies containing a host of photonic components such as other photonic integrated circuits (PICs).

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