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Finland operator selects Waystream access switches for new fibre optic network

Waystream has received a large order of access switches from DNA

Waystream has received a large order of access switches from DNA (Alphaspirit/

Finnish network operator DNA has placed an order of access switches to a value of approximately SEK 20m that should be delivered successively until August in 2024.

DNA is the Finnish subsidiary of Swedish firm, Telenor, a company with which Waystream recently announced a frame agreement that lasts until the end of December 2028. This agreement includes Waystream’s complete product portfolio and enables all Telenor owned businesses to purchase Waystream products. 

Advancements in network infrastructure

Mikko Kannisto, Vice President of DNA says: “This collaboration holds immense potential to drive groundbreaking advancements in network infrastructure and deliver better and faster services to DNA Plc customers. Choosing Waystream with their complete product portfolio and sustainability focus align perfectly with our long-term strategy. To place an order directly was natural for us as we have already tested Waystream’s products and know that they deliver high quality. Together with Waystream, we are now embarking on a journey towards a more connected and sustainable future.”

Fredrik Lundberg, Group CEO at Waystream adds: “We are excited that DNA Plc, the largest fixed broadband operator in Finland has selected Waystream for building their next generation’s fibre network. The fact that DNA placed a large order straight away shows how much they believe in this collaboration and in our products. I look forward to working with the DNA team and believe that this will be the start of a long and great partnership.”

Decommissioning legacy copper networks

DNA also recently announced that it would terminate its old copper network in Northern Finland in June and October this year, having started work to decommission it in favour of fibre optics in 2022. Kannisto says of the progress: ““The decommissioning of the old copper-based network has proceeded according to plan, and I’m happy to say that our customers have been very understanding. The copper-based networks in Northern Finland are next in line during summer and autumn 2024, with alternative solutions in the form of cable, fibre and mobile to be offered in place of the services being terminated. These modern solutions are faster, cheaper and more reliable than old copper connections.”

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