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Marek Tlalka, Senior Director of Marketing at Macom
5 June 2018

The amount of computing horsepower at our disposal today is growing at a staggering rate, driven by huge gains in processing performance, power optimization and architectural innovations. This progress is being driven at every level of the technology market, but none more so than the High-Performance Computing (HPC) ecosystem.

The Fibre Network Solutions team at Fujikura Europe
9 May 2018

The global demand for fibre optic cable has never been higher. Network operators throughout the world are adding more optical fibre to their networks than ever before.

24 April 2018

As emerging 5G, IoT, and high-speed cloud services drive a new set of dynamic, on-demand connectivity requirements, network operators are exploring the latest advances in software-defined control technologies to maximise the performance of underlying network infrastructure, including deployed fibre assets.

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