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Liberty Networks expands reach in Latin America with new points of presence

Liberty Networks coverage map (Graphic credit: Business Wire for Liberty Networks)

Liberty Networks coverage map (Graphic credit: Business Wire for Liberty Networks)

Liberty Networks has activated two new regional points-of-presence (PoP) in Merida, Mexico and Quetzaltenango, Guatemala. The new PoPs are designed to provide high-speed IP Transit, DDOS Protection, MPLS, and Ethernet services to content providers, wholesalers, and enterprises in the metropolitan areas of Merida and Quetzaltenango.

The new additions brings Liberty Networks up to 94 wholesale PoPs, expanding its reach. The company's operation provides the backbone for connectivity across the region through an extensive footprint connecting approximately 40 countries, with nearly 50,000km of submarine fibre optic cable and 17,000km of terrestrial networks.

Network nodes closer to businesses for improved performance

This latest strategic expansion aims to prioritise customer experience by placing network nodes closer to businesses. This could improve reliability and performance for critical operations, and deliver faster data transfer speeds.

At the end of last year, Liberty Networks and Gold Data announced their new subsea cable systems, GD-1 and LN-1, complementing the new Points-of-Presence build. The combined subsea system is designed to offer two diverse routes with the shortest latency from Mexico to the US, providing additional connectivity between the data hubs in Mexico City, Queretaro, and onward to the US as new routes.

New data hubs in Colombia and Panama

It will further connect new data hubs in Colombia and Panama to these data hubs. The northern segment of the route will be known as GD-1, and the two companies will invest in and operate this segment together. Liberty Networks will fully own the southern leg of the system. The system is expected to be up and running by the second half of 2026.

The new Points-of-Presence will serve the local markets of Merida and Quetzaltenango, acting as a central hub for businesses that need reliable and scalable connections to the United States. This enables companies to connect with a global network of customers and partners.

Ray Collins, Liberty Latin America's SVP of Infrastructure and Corporate Strategy says: "The new PoPs in Mexico and Guatemala are a significant step towards expanding network coverage across the region. We continue to invest in critical connectivity infrastructure as part of our $250 million investment plan over the next five years that we announced last year. These cities are experiencing rapid growth and boast thriving internet markets, coupled with stable economies. This strategic positioning ensures we can support the region's flourishing digital landscape.”

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