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Nokia’s latest AI development could reconfigure networks via human speech

Nokia Bell Labs’ latest AI development could reconfigure networks via human speech

Nokia Bell Labs’ latest AI development could reconfigure networks via human speech

Nokia Bell Labs has demonstrated a research breakthrough with its Natural-Language Networks, which could allow networks to be operated through plain speech or text prompts. 

These networks are component of a new Nokia Bell Labs research initiative called UNEXT. Named after UNIX, the operating system invented by Bell Labs, UNEXT was established to help redefine network software and systems in the same way that UNIX reshaped computing. It could make the process of securely integrating anything with the network a simple task by evolving the network itself into an operating system.

Natural Language Networks: The operator benefits

The Natural-Language Networks use natural language processing and artificial intelligence/machine learning models interpret simple text or speech requests to automatically allocate the right combination of network resources. They will understand the intention of users and have the intelligence to act upon them autonomously in order to ease the complexity of managing networks, and provide greater responsiveness to end user’s needs. By leveraging artificial intelligence, the Natural-Language Networks will allow service providers to deliver and maintain the network configuration for any customer the moment it is requested.

In addition, the networks have been developed to continuously learn from its actions, further optimising the network with each successive request. As its knowledge increases, it will be able to anticipate service and application needs and self-adapt to them without human intervention.

Csaba Vulkan, Network Systems Automation research leader at Nokia Bell Labs, says: “Operators won’t need to explore technical catalogues or complex API descriptions when they configure networks. Instead, a simple statement like ‘Optimise the network at X location for Y service’ will work. Those requests could be used to configure a wireless network in a factory for robot automation or optimise networks at a concert for a barrage of social media uploads.” 

Azimeh Sefidcon, Head of Network Systems and Security Research at Nokia Bell Labs, adds: “Natural-Language Networks offer a sneak peek into one of the many capabilities of UNEXT. Reducing the complexity of network management fits squarely with UNEXT’s goal of extending the reach of networked systems by breaking down barriers that prevent those systems from interoperating.”

The proof-of-concept was demonstrated at the recent Brooklyn 6G Summit.


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