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UK ISP commits to Net Zero by 2028

UK ISP Zen Internet has pledged to become Net Zero by 2028. 

Its commitment to becoming Net Zero means the business will remove more carbon emissions from the environment than it generates, further aligning with its B Corporation certification achieved in September 2020.

As one of 500 B Corps in the UK, Zen joins another 150 of those B Corps that have also committed to Net Zero by 2030. A B Corporation is a new kind of business that balances purpose and profit, legally required to consider the impact of decisions on workers, customers, suppliers, community and the environment. Worldwide, half of all B Corps are being asked to achieve the 2030 target, and 800 have signed up to this pledge already.

The UK Government has committed to achieve Net Zero by 2050, however this is feared too late to reverse the environmental impact climate change is having. With scientific consensus suggesting that a 1.5°C increase in global average temperatures is the limit to minimise the worst effects of climate change, it’s thought that the limit will be reached by 2030.

Paul Stobart, CEO, Zen Internet, comments: ‘It is really important to us at Zen that while we run our business we also strive to make a positive difference to the world, rather than focusing solely on profits. Achieving B Corp certification in 2020 was a massive part of this, and our pledge to be the first broadband provider to reach Net Zero is the logical next step in our journey. We’re under no illusions that this commitment will involve a huge amount of work within the business, but it’s something that we’re passionate about and for us it’s non-negotiable. We want to show the industry that it’s possible to be a successful business without neglecting our social responsibilities.’

 Becoming Net Zero involves measuring Zen’s carbon footprint in line with three scopes defined by the Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHG Protocol), most of which is already underway. Following the measurement a reduction plan will be implemented, and any remaining emissions will be offset through positive projects that remove carbon from the environment, such as reforestation and soil enhancement programmes. Where possible, Zen will aim to support projects that also tie in with the wider Sustainable Development Goals.


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