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Zayo achieves new optical transmission record with Nokia

Nokia’s sixth-generation Photonic Service Engine super-coherent optics (PSE-6s)

Nokia’s sixth-generation Photonic Service Engine super-coherent optics (PSE-6s) has been successfully used in two field trials with international operator, Zayo (Credit: Nokia)

International network operator, Zayo has successfully completed two live field trials of Nokia’s sixth-generation Photonic Service Engine super-coherent optics (PSE-6s), demonstrating a North American transmission record of 800Gb/s over a single wavelength from LA to El Paso on a 1,866km link, and 1Tb/s transmission on the LA to Phoenix route at over 1,000km.

The field trials demonstrate the power of Nokia’s latest generation of coherent optics in a state-of-the-art optical transport network such as Zayo’s. They can provide high-capacity solutions that help operators keep up with the growing global traffic demand of today’s digitalised world.

Investment in optical network capacity, capability and sustainability

Zayo currently provides the largest and most modern 400G network in North America with more than 250 points of presence (PoPs), covering the most in-demand centres. 

As the operator continues to invest in the capacity, capability, and sustainability of its optical network to support transport of new 400GE and 800GE services, the trials’ performances show how Nokia’s optical technologies can support all three of these areas by increasing spectral/bandwidth efficiency, enabling high-speed client services, and lowering network power consumption.

The trials’ optical transmission equipment

The LA to El Paso trial used Nokia’s PSE-6s implemented in the 1830 PSI-M compact modular transport platform equipped with production-ready DMAT6 line cards. Using the latest 6th generation technology, the 800Gb/s transmission represents a tripling in reach over current 7nm solutions and, says Nokia, sets a new North American distance record over a live network. 

The LA to Phoenix trial also used PSE-6s implemented in the 1830 PSI-M platform equipped with DMAT6 line cards to achieve a single wavelength 1Tb/s transmission over 1,000km.

Aaron Werley, Vice President of Technology at Zayo, said: “As a communications infrastructure leader, Zayo remains at the forefront of network connectivity. We continuously invest in our cutting-edge infrastructure to ensure a future-ready network. The infrastructure projects we have, and continue to complete to advance connectivity between key cities, involves the deployment of new 800G and higher-speed routes. Nokia's PSE-6s coherent technology allows Zayo to offer ever-increasing commercial Wavelength speeds, including enabling our industry-first Waves on Demand offering, so when customers demand innovative, higher-bandwidth solutions, the capacity is there for them.”

James Watt, Head of Optical at Nokia, adds: “Nokia is very pleased with the performance of the PSE-6s in the trials and its ability to enable 800G everywhere and deliver 1T between key cities over long spans at over 1,000km. We are delighted to partner with Zayo on this achievement in preparation for growing network demand. With the PSE-6s, the Nokia optical portfolio pushes the limits of super-coherent performance to deliver massive network scale and service reach while ensuring more sustainable growth.”

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