Coriant gets into the groove

Optical transport vendor Coriant is the latest company to offer a product aimed at data centre interconnect (DCI) networks with the Coriant Groove G30 DCI platform.

Offering 3.2Tb/s of capacity in a compact and stackable one rack-unit (1RU) box, the new product provides up to six times higher system density and 70 per cent lower power consumption than comparable products, the company claims.

These capabilities drive down operational costs while increasing capacity to help network operators deliver profitable DCI services and enhance the end user cloud experience.

Coriant enhances network flexibility with CloudWave Optics

Optical transport vendor Coriant has announced CloudWave Optics, a versatile suite of software-programmable photonic layer technologies that brings a new level of flexibility, efficiency, and scalability to next-generation optical transmission networks.

The SDN Transformation: A Framework for Sustainable Success

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Bill Kautz, Marketing Director, Coriant

The promise of Software Defined Networking (SDN) is gaining more and more attention as traffic growth increases the costs and complexity of network operations. This white paper explores how SDN-based solutions can transform today’s rigid transport infrastructure into a highly programmable network, one that is just as flexible, efficient and seamlessly scalable as data-center computing and storage resources. By deploying the right SDN-enabled solution, service providers can capitalize on the opportunity to migrate their multi-layer transport networks according to their individual business strategies and budgetary considerations to both increase revenue and lower costs.

Dyamic Optical Cloud

Coriant has announced the Coriant Dynamic Optical Cloud, an end-to-end and highly programmable infrastructure solution that enables service providers to address a rapidly changing world of dynamic, virtualised, high-bandwidth applications and services.

The Dynamic Optical Cloud solution is powered by metro-to-core packet optical networking capabilities and software-defined networking (SDN) intelligence dessigned to deliver a new level of programmability, automation and control of multilayer, multi-vendor transport networks, the company says.


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