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Delta Fiber secures €2bn investment for Netherlands fibre network

02 August 2021

Delta Fiber has secured €2bn for the roll out of its XGS-PON fibre network throughout the Netherlands.

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Record fibre network expansions in Germany, says BREKO

30 July 2021

German fibre optic association BREKO has released its market analysis for 2021.

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Sparkle partners with Google for two new subsea cables

30 July 2021

Sparkle is collaborating with a number of partners, including Google to build two new submarine cable systems.

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Consolidated Communications selects network expansion partner

27 July 2021

Consolidated Communications is undergoing a gigabit fibre network expansion initiative which extends to more than 70 per cent of its service area in North America.

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New subsea cable to connect UK, mainland Europe

23 July 2021

Zayo is to deploy a new diverse subsea cable route named ‘Zeus,’ connecting the UK to mainland Europe.

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STL Clearcomm acquisition to enhance network integration business

22 July 2021

STL has acquired UK network integration firm, Clearcomm Group.

800G transceivers to dominate mega data centre market, says LightCounting

21 July 2021

Industry research firm LightCounting has released its Mega Datacenter Optics Report for 2021.

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KKR, Telefonica Colombia create wholesale newco

19 July 2021

Investment firm KKR has entered into an agreement with Telefónica to create an open access wholesale company in Colombia.

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Internet speed record of 319Tb/s reached

19 July 2021

A team of researchers from NICT in Japan has set a new world record for internet speed at 319Tb/s.

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New 25G PON technology trialled in UK

16 July 2021

UK operator Openreach has conducted the UK’s first trials of a new 25G PON technology from Nokia.

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Midco commits $500m to 10Gb/s network expansion

14 July 2021

South Dakota cable provider, Midco is investing $500m in its ‘Fiber Forward’ initiative, which will use its fibre network and technology to bring 10Gb/s speeds to customers in the region.

Schematic of the USRN compressor system and comparison with other CMOS-chip based temporal compressors / Light: Science & Applications ISSN 2047-7538 (online) / Choi, J.W., Sahin, E., Sohn, BU. et al. High spectro-temporal compression on a nonlinear CMOS-chip.

Temporal compression system developed to speed-up signal processing

08 July 2021

A team of researchers has developed a temporal compression system that allows an equivalent increase in the number of bits transmitted by light in a fibre network.