Comex 2000 invests in sustainability

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Comex 2000, which counts Virgin Media O2, Zayo, Community Fibre and Gigaclear amongst its customers, has announced the move to help to dramatically cut fuel bills, emissions, and accidents on the road.

Successfully trialled in 254 vehicles over two months, Lightfoot’s driver-focused technology, which delivers in-cab coaching, rewards, and its progressive telematics platform, improved Comex 2000’s MPG by 8.3% at the same time as reducing idling by 7% and emissions by more than 8%. This was made possible using smart in-cab technology, which uses nudge psychology to guide drivers to a smoother and safer style of driving, resulting in lower emissions and less fuel use.

Raman Nevile, Fleet Manager at Comex 2000, comments: “As a business, we are focused on adopting technology that provides appropriate learning and development opportunities to our employees, so that they can operate in an environmentally responsible manner. We’re also committed to preventing work-related injury and ill health through the elimination of hazards and management of significant risks and opportunities for our workers. The change has been significant and positive, transforming the relationship between the driver and their vehicle. It has dramatically improved driving styles across our business and has cut fuel-sapping and environmentally damaging harsh acceleration habits by 56%.”

Paul Hollick, Managing Director at Lightfoot, comments: “Comex 2000 is driven by a commitment to reducing its impact on the environment, at the same time as enhancing the safety of its staff and other road users. That’s where our self-managed, driver-focused technology and progressive telematics comes into its own, producing users that are motivated to drive with greater care week-in and week-out.”

2nd from left: Ricky Corker, Chief Customer Experience Officer at Nokia, talks to Finland’s PM and Foreign Trade Minister, Australia’s Minister for Communications and NBN executives at event in Sydney

07 December 2022

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