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Ensemble open technology a ‘key component’ for Fujitsu managed networks solution

LONDON, UK – Ensemble, a division of ADVA, announced today that Fujitsu is using the Ensemble Orchestrator and Connector as a key component of its EMEIA managed network services offering. Fujitsu is leveraging Ensemble's network functions virtualisation (NFV) technology to deliver its Virtual Edge solution to business customers across multiple countries. Virtual Edge will be hosted at the customer premises on commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) white box servers. With the new solution, Fujitsu's customers can access a comprehensive library of best-of-breed virtual network functions (VNFs), including SD-WAN and virtual firewalls, on a simple subscription basis. Ensemble's multi-award-winning software was selected for its openness and proven commercial success with NFV-based managed services.

‘With the addition of the Ensemble application to our managed network service offering, we're giving our customers exactly what they demanded: unbeatable choice of services and total flexibility,’ said Simon Rees, CTO and head of offerings, networks and telecoms, EMEIA, Fujitsu. ‘It ensures that customers can mix and match VNFs and deploy COTS servers from any manufacturer. This means we can offer services from the widest range of suppliers and provide access to the latest innovation as soon as it hits the market. What's more, customers are free to innovate and instantly respond to changing business needs.’

Fujitsu's managed networks solution has been enhanced to simplify operations and unleash service innovation. It involves Ensemble Orchestrator hosted centrally on virtual machines instantiating and provisioning multi-vendor VNFs and VNF service chains. These VNFs are deployed at the network edge where Ensemble Connector functions as a converged layer between the virtual applications and the physical hardware. With its carrier-grade capabilities, Ensemble Connector interoperates seamlessly with third-party VNFs as a virtualised infrastructure manager. What's more, it improves OpenStack scalability and manageability by embedding local controllers in each COTS white box server, and it provides support for wired and LTE connections.

‘Fujitsu's new virtual managed service is about delivering more agility, functionality and scalability than ever before. Built on our field-proven technology, Virtual Edge is a truly open system that will give Fujitsu's customers a vital competitive advantage,’ commented Prayson Pate, CTO, Ensemble division, ADVA. ‘We believe deeply in creating an open and modular framework that frees users from vendor lock-in. That's why our Orchestrator and Connector provide total freedom of choice. Fujitsu is a company at the forefront of innovation. To be selected by them is another clear indicator that our technology is the ultimate tool for successful software-based service delivery.’


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