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Fiber Optic Center launches ÅngströmBond Solutions Center to provide epoxy expertise for fibre

NEW BEDFORD, MASSACHUSETTS – Fiber Optic Center (FOC), an international leading distributor specializing in helping their customers make the best cable assemblies in the world, has launched the ÅngströmBond Solutions Center.

With many new large effective area fibres being independently developed by many manufacturers, having a connectivity components partner with expertise on how the epoxy can affect the fibre in any of the types of ferrules in use today is critical. The ÅngströmBond Solutions Center will provide this epoxy expertise through technical content, best practices, weekly tips and a dedicated adhesives expert, Kelly Barker. 

FOC helps customers make the best cable assemblies in the world. This is accomplished by partnering with a variety of industry leading manufacturers to offer the best equipment and consumables used in each step of the cable assembly process.   At the epoxy step, FOC developed ÅngströmBond, the only specialty adhesive line developed exclusively for Fibre Optics.   The ÅngströmBond Solutions Center will meet Individual customer needs by offering specialty stock materials or high-tech custom epoxies in custom package sizes. One featured adhesive solution is the ÅngströmBond 9123 product which successfully passes GR-326 testing and Telcordia specifications.

ÅngströmBond 9123 is a low viscosity, rapid curing two-part epoxy adhesive. It is designed for bonding and potting optical connectors, fibres, lenses, prisms and other optical components. It’s recommended for single fibre, single mode terminations, and if using a ramp cure schedule, is also an excellent choice for multi-mode terminations.  This high-strength epoxy has been engineered to have a high Tg and exhibits lower fibre pistoning properties over other epoxies.  It has excellent temperature cycling capabilities and will withstand high humidity environments.


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