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Here East launches campus-wide fibre-optic network in London’s creative hub

Businesses moving to Here East will have access to fibre-optic connection in 5 days – 18 times faster than the standard London lead times of 90 days

LONDON, UK – Here East is announcing that tenants will be able to access speeds of up to 1Gbps via a new network management system owned by Here East and managed by Shoreditch-based technology business Optimity.

The network will provide:

  • campus-wide public Wi-Fi that allows up to 1Gbps to the device connection speeds
  • a cross-connect platform that allows tenants to connect to all services around the campus and to the key data centre locations in the London Metro area
  • a sophisticated internet access product allowing more control, agility and cost efficiency.

London continues to suffer from long lead times for fibre optic connections, and costs of installation are often three times the national average. Here East worked with Optimity to design and install a network which would help to overcome these issues, and provide a fast, reliable and cost-effective solution for the start-ups, global businesses and universities on the campus. The network brings together leading suppliers: Juniper Networks, RG Nets, Ruckus Wireless, Emerson and Netgear.

A well as providing connections in just five days – 18 times faster than the average lead time in London – Here East will continue to offer flexibility to all clients based on the campus. With multiple fibre providers already connected to Here East – as recognised by WiredScore in 2016 when Here East was awarded the highest Platinum rating – tenants will have complete freedom to use their own suppliers and networks as and when required.

Gavin Poole, CEO of Here East commented, “This is part of our vision to deliver the most connected campus in Europe - where businesses, entrepreneurs, universities and technology experts will come together to experiment, build and create. We pride ourselves on our ability to connect and collaborate and technology is a vital part of our vision to bring people together to share ideas and to foster innovation.”

Gavin Poole continued, “Typically in London, tenants are left with the responsibility of arranging all their own technology infrastructure, including organising the installation of their own internet connection. The landlord needs to deal with a mass of administration required for this equipment to be installed and the tenant has to endure long lead times and high costs. At Here East we take all this pain away so any company joining us (large and small) and universities can be productive as quickly as possible.”

Anthony Impey, Founder and CEO of Optimity, explained: “This is about creating a new type of campus that builds a community using connectivity to bring together people and spaces.  More than ever before, work is about interaction and collaboration, with start-ups working alongside major enterprises to share ideas and make things happen. Connectivity is the glue that makes this happen.”


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