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New Telenet and Fluvius joint fibre venture named Wyre

Micha Berger, future CEO of the new infrastructure company of Telenet and Fluvius, has announced that the name of the organisation is to be Wyre.  

The companies entered into an agreement last July for the joint construction of what they call the data network of the future, with the aim of setting up a new infrastructure company to build the network in Flanders and parts of Brussels. The new company will leverage both companies’ fixed network assets to gradually evolve the current hybrid fibre coaxial (HFC) network infrastructure into an FTTH network in line with both parties’ ambitions of providing speeds of 10Gb/s.

Earlier this month, the firms received the green light from the European Commission (EC) for their proposed collaboration. The company will start building its network in early July.  

According to Berger: “Wyre stands for the best connectivity. The letter Y in the middle of Wyre refers to ‘You’ and the ambition to take everyone into the digital future by continuing to upgrade the existing network as well as showing the way to fibre-optic cable.” 


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