Oclaro and Acacia Communications team up on 100/200G CFP2-DCO modules

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Acacia Communications and Oclaro have teamed up in order to offer customers multi-vendors of fully interoperable CFP2-DCO modules, based on Acacia's Meru DSP.

Oclaro intends to launch a new CFP2-DCO module featuring plug-and-play compatibility with the Acacia CFP2-DCO (which reached general availability at the end of last year, see Acacia CFP2-DCO module reaches general availability), in order to provide customers with two coherent optics suppliers for the 100/200G CFP2-DCO form factor being introduced by multiple network equipment manufacturers.  Both companies believe this will better position them to serve the DCO markets.

CFP2-DCOs are becoming increasingly important for higher-speed optical networks because they integrate the coherent DSP into the pluggable module, and the pluggable coherent modules from Oclaro and Acacia are designed to support transmission speeds of 100G and 200G for use in access, metro and data centre interconnect markets.  The modules support four times higher density than current generation 100G CFP-DCO solutions by doubling the data rate in a smaller, lower power, pluggable module enabling customers to quickly and cost-effectively roll-out 200G networks. In addition to proprietary operating modes, both companies intend to support the requirements of the Open ROADM MSA for interoperability at 100G.

Benny Mikkelsen, chief technology officer of Acacia Communications said of the collaboration: ‘By partnering with Oclaro to ensure interoperability with their Meru-based CFP2-DCO module, we believe we will be better positioned to address the DCO market as industry trends shift favourably toward the CFP2 form factor.  We are excited about our relationship with Oclaro and believe that broader adoption of 200G CFP2-DCO modules will be mutually beneficial to our two companies and the customers we serve.’

Added Beck Mason, president of the integrated photonics business at Oclaro: ‘Our 43GBd Coherent Transmitter Receiver Optical Sub-Assembly (TROSA) is at the heart of our CFP2-DCO. The TROSA leverages proven Indium Phosphide PIC technology from Oclaro's highly successful CFP2-ACO to achieve industry leading optical performance in a small form factor.’

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