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PacketLight launches worldwide Channel Partner Program

TEL AVIV, ISRAEL – PacketLight Networks, a leading provider of optical fiber networking solutions, today deployed its Channel Partner Program (CPP) for enterprise VARs and resellers.  The CPP is intended to expand PacketLight's footprint of bundled solutions designed to optimize and cost-stabilize metro and DCI optical networks.  The program offers its members the highest level of product training, customization, pre-and post- sales support, and incentivized pricing.

Carriers and enterprises cannot simply build out expensive networks, and are choosing to find ways to expand throughput and efficiency over existing WDM infrastructure and keep network maintenance costs at a minimum.  Solutions like this aren't often clear and require the special skills, pricing and customization that PacketLight offers their partners as part of this program.

"We are living in a historic time for optical networking as the world has come to rely almost ubiquitously on its ability to transport high speed data," said Koby Reshef, PacketLight's Chief Executive Officer.  "We developed the Channel Partner Program to provide our Partners with tailored marketing and support services in order to help them cope with the growing data demands outpacing infrastructure with on-demand video, streaming, social, business continuity and security requirements. Deploying CPP is to show our existing partners, and new ones, that we rely on each other for success."

The CPP has 5 tiers: 

  • Training: Designed to help our partners understand customers' complex needs for WDM solutions, and includes technical and sales training
  • Customized Design Blueprints: Our sales Support team provides network designs, assists with technical presentations and demonstrations for new and existing customers, with the goal of bringing our partners more business.
  • We share business leads with our partners in order to grow their business with us.
  • We ensure our partners have Technical Support: 24x7 by our sales support team
  • The CPP helps our partners increase number of opportunities, strengthen existing customer relationships and grow profitability.

“What makes PacketLight unique is the ease of use of their products, the aggregation of different speeds and services, and their exceptionally good interoperability with most other existing solutions,” says Alexander Jeffries, CEO of Stordis and a PacketLight distributor for the EMEA region. “Our customers are always looking to improve speeds and capacity of their fiber infrastructure at an affordable cost with as small a footprint as possible. PacketLight’s line of products are an excellent choice, providing industry leading OTN and DWDM solutions that are agile, compact, easily maintained and excellent for continuously building infrastructure at a very competitive cost.”

PacketLight family of products are the highest standard for optical transport solutions for high speed, high security Data Center Interconnect (DCI) and metro networks. They increase spectral efficiency, save wavelength resources and enable higher fiber and metro network utilization.  All products are compact 1U, highly integrated transport solutions enabling enterprises and carriers to cost-effectively build-out or upgrade their existing networks eliminating costs such as rack space, cooling, and additional hardware for security, repeaters and other network elements.

Additionally, PacketLight products are among the lowest in power consumption and some are bundled with onboard physical layer encryption to drive significant reduction in capital and operating expenditure for business and carriers, while also preparing them for evolving security requirements.


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