Prysmian Group supplies 400km of fire resistant cable for luxury Dubai development

MILAN, ITALY – Prysmian Group will supply more than 400km of fire resistant cables for the Royal Atlantis Resort in Dubai. The new luxury resort renamed ‘A Place to call Home’ will be completed in 2019.

The Group has won the contract worth approximately 3 Million Euros to supply its enhanced fire-resistant cables, a mixture of both FPPLUS and FP400 cables, which offer extended fire survival times, coupled with low flame spread and very low emission of smoke and dangerous gases in the event of a fire. This allows guests longer time to evacuate the building and ensures better operating conditions for the emergency teams. Moreover, fire-resistant cables ensure power supply, fire alarm system operation and emergency systems operation during a fire.

The cables will be supplied to various electrical contractors on the project by specialist Prysmian Group distributors in Dubai during 2018 & 2019. Antonio Chiantore, Prysmian Group General Manager in Dubai, commented that “our long-standing relationship with our distributors allows us to understand and work closely with contractors and specifiers, giving us the chance to supply quality enhanced fire performance cables into a market sector that is rapidly beginning to appreciate the importance of using these products to ensure maximum safety in complex buildings.”

The eponymous resort’s project is worth $ 1.4bn and it is located on Palm Jumeirah island, next to the luxury hotel Atlantis, The Palm. The Royal Atlantis Resort is one of the largest in the Peninsula with almost 800 guest rooms, 250 luxury residences and the “Sky Pool”, a 90-meter-high infinity pool.

‘State-of-the-art solutions are a key asset for our Company to supply the most appropriate, innovative and technologically advanced cables for every application to our customers,’ continued Chiantore.

‘By investing in Prysmian Group Fire Performance cables for building safety we can guarantee, through continuous investment in advanced technology, products that not only provide the best in functioning ability but also meet the highest standards of product safety. That’s why once again our cables have been selected for one of the most luxury buildings in the Middle East,’ ended Chiantore.

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