Worldstream gets into the Groove for Netherlands backbone resilience

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Dutch internet service provider, Worldstream, has deployed the Coriant Groove G30 network disaggregation platform to enhance resilience of its backbone network and scale transmission capacity to 100G per wavelength.

The provider offers a variety of service provision and data centre hosting services, as well as global connectivity. It owns a fully-redundant 5Tb/s capacity network, with a mix of tier-1 and tier-2 carriers, as well as a number of public and private peering partners. The Groove-powered network supports 100G per wavelength of capacity using coherent optical transmission technology, with initial deployment delivering 18*100G of capacity respectively on geographically-dispersed redundant fibre routes connecting data centre facilities. The compact 1RU modular transport solution was selected to meet the rapidly growing demand for internet services and to support resilient connectivity for data centre interconnect (DCI) and peering capacity.

‘In this past year alone we saw a dramatic rise in customer Internet traffic that drove a need to upgrade our network infrastructure to higher speed transmission,’ explained Tim Vollebregt, network architect at WorldStream. ‘After evaluating our options, we selected the Coriant Groove G30 solution for its ability to cost-efficiently meet our escalating capacity demands with a best-in-class plug-and-play architecture purpose-built for pay-as-you-grow scalability and configuration flexibility.’

Added Ronald Van der Kraan, managing director of Europe, Coriant: ‘As we’ve learned by working closely with service providers like WorldStream, it is not just about delivering scalable and cost-efficient transport, but also ensuring uninterrupted, high quality connectivity as more and more of their customers’ business critical data traffic rides on the network.’

The deployment further widens Coriant’s net of globally ‘Groovy’ customers, with other recent announcements from Silicon Valley in the US and Japan (see Hurricane Electric deploys Coriant Groove DCI platform and JPIX boosts capacity in Tokyo and Osaka with Coriant Groove).


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