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Calix adds NG-PON2 support to E-Series portfolio

Calix has announced new cards for its E-Series portfolio that introduce both increased systems capacity and ITU/FSAN standards-based NG-PON2 support with both fixed and tunable wavelengths.

NG-PON2, which is based on time- and wavelength-division multiplexed (TWDM) PON, offers up to four wavelengths at 10Gb/s each – four times as much capacity as present 10G-PON systems.

This approach, when combined with Calix Compass software and GigaCenter platforms, will extend broadband far beyond gigabit "speeds and feeds", and lay the foundation for a superior gigabit and multi-gigabit experience for residential and business subscribers, according to the vendor.

In a statement, Calix says it has always had an architectural philosophy of a unified access infrastructure, supporting both business and residential services. The vendor’s service provider customers have found the financial benefits of this architecture to be compelling, with reductions in installed equipment and on-going operational cost savings. The NG-PON2 capability is a natural extension of this philosophy, the company says, allowing service providers to keep pace with the increasing capacity needs of business and residential customers alike over a common infrastructure.

Calix will enable NG-PON2 across the entire access infrastructure, from the device-enabled subscriber premises to the data centre or central office. In the subscriber premises, Calix premises portfolio will be expanded with NG-PON2-capable options for fixed and tunable optics. The E7 Series portfolio will be enhanced by NG-PON2 cards that support both 10-Gbps fixed and TWDM wavelengths with pluggable optics. In the central office, the E7 portfolio will be augmented by new high-capacity cards that provide higher performance in both system switching and uplink capacity.

Teresa Mastrangelo, principal and founder of Broadbandtrends LLC, said: "Now as we move into the emerging era of next-generation PON, it's no surprise to see Calix announcing a comprehensive portfolio addressing a range of applications. It is clear that NG-PON2 is going to be the PON technology that enables the multi-gigabit experience of the future, and Calix looks to be ready as this market emerges with a robust solutions-oriented strategy."

Calix will be showing off its new PON line cards at the Calix booth #413 this week at the FTTH Conference & Expo in Anaheim, California.

Demonstrations of NG-PON2 with tunable TWDM wavelengths and fixed-wavelength 10G-PON will take place later this year, the vendor says.


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