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Ciena enhances edge access and aggregation portfolio

Ciena is expanding its packet networking portfolio with three new edge access and aggregation products and more capacity for its 8700 Packetwave edge aggregation platform. These new capabilities address 10 and 100 Gigabit Ethernet service delivery and aggregation to support new web-scale applications, like IoT, next-generation mobile and business Ethernet.

The new hardware and software capabilities will allow service providers and large enterprises to put more capacity closer to where the demand for bandwidth lives. Ciena’s new purpose-built platforms allow service providers and large enterprises to respond to the pressure to quickly deploy more connections at faster speeds while monitoring and managing connections performance across thousands of end-user services.

The new 3926m Service Delivery Switch is a full-featured, carrier-grade edge access platform for 10GbE service delivery that includes an expansion slot for modules supporting third party virtual network functions (VNFs). The platform is ideal for Ethernet business service demarcation supporting added functions, such as third party vRouter or vEncryptor services, the company claims. Also offered is a TDM circuit emulation module to support network modernisation efforts.

Also in edge access, the new 3928 Service Delivery Switch comprises a cost-effective 10GbE NTE that maintains the carrier-class feature set needed for efficient and reliable service delivery. Dual powered AC and DC variants with extended temperature options are available to address a variety of indoor and outdoor environments.

Ciena has also unveiled the 5170 Service Aggregation Switch to enable cost-effective delivery of carrier class 100GbE services direct to the customer premise along with dense 10GbE service aggregation in a compact, 1RU form factor. The 5170 is designed with an x86 server which powers Ciena’s Service Aware Operating System (SAOS) software and its open VNF hosting capabilities.

Last but not least, Ciena has added more than double the capacity to the existing 8700 Packetwave platform in a space- and power-efficient chassis that gives service providers the scale required to rapidly and cost-effectively deploy more packet-based services. This capability is ideal for services of up to 100G in support of enterprise business services, mobile backhaul and data centre interconnect.

“Ciena’s packet networking solutions have given us the ability to efficiently deliver and aggregate enormous quantities of data at speeds from 1GbE to 100GbE, while meeting the strict service level agreements that our customers demand,” said Jack De La Garza, vice president of engineering, Uniti Fiber.

Ciena’s packet portfolio leverages SAOS to provide operational efficiencies (such as secure, zero-touch provisioning) as well as consistent system and service attributes across all Ethernet and MPLS access and aggregation applications. Blue Planet adds multi-vendor service and virtual function orchestration that leverages the power of open, programmable networks to operators and end-users alike.


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