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EXFO launches ‘fastest’ passive component test system for IL and RL measurement

The OFC conference in San Diego saw EXFO launch and demonstrate what it says is the ‘fastest test system’ for insertion loss (IL) and return loss (RL) measurement for a wide variety of passive components, including photonics integrated circuits.

Integrating cutting-edge technology from the recently acquired Yenista Optics, EXFO's new CTP10 can be used by research scientists to extensively characterise components or in automated mode for high volume production. With a capability to measure IL and RL in a single sweep up to 1000 nm/s, it is designed to meet the needs of passive component manufacturers, who are looking for effective testing solutions to reduce testing time without sacrificing accuracy and reliability.

Stéphane Chabot, EXFO's vice president, test and measurement said of the new system: ‘When EXFO acquired Yenista, the objective was to leverage their expertise to bring some of the most innovative testing solutions for the optical telecom industry. EXFO's CTP10 offers research and development and manufacturing teams working with photonic integrated circuits and next-generation passive optical network components the flexibility, accuracy and speed they need to test thousands of components as required by their customers.’


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