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II-VI Incorporated reveals new high resolution optical channel monitor for flexible grid ROADMs

II‐VI Incorporated has introduced a new CTM 1450 high resolution optical channel monitor for flexible grid reconfigurable optical add-drop multiplexers (ROADMs).

Highly flexible ROADMs that enable bandwidth optimisation across the network with dynamic data rate selection and channel width allocation are essential for the efficient build out of the global optical transport infrastructure. The CTM 1450 monitor provides visibility into capacity allocation by monitoring the DWDM spectrum at the ingress and egress points of ROADM nodes.

The CTM 1450 reports the optical power with a spectral resolution of less than 8 GHz enabled by several new breakthrough developments, including sharper tunable filters and enhanced spectral processing algorithms. By leveraging II-VI’s tunable thin film filter technology, the CTM 1450 delivers a powerful spectral engine at what the company says is a highly competitive price, to enable monitoring of flexible grid channels with 12.5 GHz granularity.


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