Impact 100-Ohm backplane connector

Molex has released the Impact 100-Ohm backplane connector, a scalable Impact connector technology that provides data rates up to 25 Gbps with signal density of up to 80 differential pairs per linear inch when using a six-pair configuration.

The Impact backplane connector conforms to IEEE 10GBASE-KR and OIF Stat Eye Compliant end-to-end channel performance. The connector Features a 1.90 x 1.35mm grid, which reduces PCB routing complexity and cost, the broad-edge coupled, differential-pair Impact backplane system supports high bandwidth needs while minimising board and system real estate usage, the company says. 

Compliant pin attach options (0.39 and 0.46mm) provide the flexibility to optimise designs for mechanical and electrical performance in traditional backplane or midplane architectures. The Impact daughtercard mating interface utilises an in-line staggered, bifurcated contact system that reduces the mating force per pin and provides ground-signal sequencing without the need for multiple backplane signal-pin heights. 

The Impact connector is available in conventional, coplanar, mezzanine, orthogonal and orthogonal direct configurations.  The Impact signal module options vary by configuration, and are offered in anything between two and six pairs. 

The Impact power modules are offered in anything from three to six pair sizes in conventional, coplanar and mezzanine configurations, with current ratings from 60 to 120A per module.


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