Luceo releases 4x28G BERT

Luceo Technologies has released the 4x28G pattern generator module EPG428-1 and the 4x28G error detector EED428-1.

As part of the PARALLEX system, the module is fully compatible with this established multichannel platform. The existing mainframe, clock source and control interface can still be used which lowers the overall system cost even further.

The pattern generator covers 2-28.2Gb/s per channel continuously.

Feedback from first product demos was good, the company says. "Among the affordable 4x28G BERTs this has the best signal performance and the lowest price - and I evaluated several," said an established manufacturer of 4x28 CFP2 transceivers and active optical cables.

Designed mainly for production applications, the device offers the best combination of signal shape, functionality and affordable price, the test and measurement vendor claims.

Luceo says the upgrade to a 400G-compliant system (16x28G) is very simple: just add three more modules each for pattern generator and error detector.

Demonstrations are available. The product price is very competitive, Luceo asserts.


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