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Lumentum unveils Trueflex Nano small form factor WSS

Lumentum has added a small form factor TrueFlex Nano 1x9 wavelength-selective switch (WSS) to its portfolio for reconfigurable optical add-drop multiplexer (ROADM) applications.

Thinner than its predecessor, the new TrueFlex Nano 1x9 WSS is small enough to fit into a single-slot line card in optical networking systems. This next-generation device is 42 per cent smaller than conventional products and requires less operating power, the company claims.

“We fundamentally redesigned the WSS – from the component-level to packaging,” said James Goodchild, director, product line management, wavelength management. “This next-generation liquid-crystal-on-silicon-based Nano 1x9 WSS delivers the field-proven, high-reliability performance of our current Micro 1x9 WSS solutions in a dramatically smaller device.”

The TrueFlex Nano 1x9 WSS comes in a single-slot, low-profile, 77 x 167 x 18.5mm package, uses less than 20W at start-up and less than 12W at steady state. It supports flexible spectrum using grid spacing down to 3.125GHz with accurate attenuation control.

Targeting broadcast-and-select and, in a dual deployment model permitted by its small size, route-and-select architectures, the new WSS will enable ROADM system developers to reduce power while increasing density, according to Lumentum. High-performance applications with high port isolation are enabled by a 1x5 variant.

Lumentum customers using the current 80-pin, 27mm Micro 1x9 can easily migrate to the TrueFlex Nano’s smaller form factor using a slot adapter, which is expected to be available next quarter. 

Sample quantities of the TrueFlex Nano 1x9 WSS are currently available.


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