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MACOM ships modulator drivers for coherent CFP2 modules

M/A-COM Technology Solutions Holdings (MACOM), has announced initial production shipments of two new modulator drivers for use in CFP2 analogue coherent optical (ACO) modules.  The CFP2 ACO enables significantly lower cost per bit in metro applications where lower power and smaller size enable higher port densities.

The insatiable need for bandwidth has placed exacting requirements on metro networks. This has resulted in carriers requiring a cost-effective way to expand their capacity, while simultaneously reducing the cost per bit transported. Component vendors are now tasked with the challenge to ramp production of 100G devices that are lower power, smaller size and lower cost.

Over the last two years, by providing power and size efficient quad-channel driver products, MACOM has enabled pluggable coherent CFP2 modules, which will be seeing volume deployments in metro networks later this year. These modules, operating at up to 200Gb/s, can significantly reduce the overall cost for metro systems, the company claims.

MACOM says it is continuing to innovate in this space with the introduction of additional products. The MAOM-003417 and MAOM-03417L are the latest additions to MACOM’s portfolio and are optimised for use with the next generation of low Vpi indium phosphide modulators to further reduce power consumption.

“MACOM’s optical networking components provide clear performance benefits that enable 100G metro deployments to meet the aggressive power and cost targets required by operators,” said Ray Moroney, MACOM’s marketing director for optoelectronics products. “The MAOM-03417L complements our extensive portfolio of modulator drivers for 100G and beyond, and is a compelling solution for the next generation of CFP2 modules.”

Available for sampling today, the MAOM-003417 and MAOM-03417L drivers deliver up to 3Vpp single-ended linear output with only 600mW of power dissipation per channel. The small 14mm x 9.1mm form factor, low power dissipation, wide gain range and excellent linearity make it ideal for next-generation coherent CFP2 modules using higher-order modulation schemes to reach data rates of 200Gb/s. The device is compatible with a wide range of available digital signal processor (DSP) chips and Mach Zehnder modulators for maximum flexibility.

“The 100G metro market is growing rapidly with a total addressable market that could be $1.4 billion dollars by 2019,” said Daryl Inniss, practice leader at Ovum. “The CFP2 coherent form factor will enable the higher-volume metro market as it enables lower-power, lower-cost and smaller-sized products. MACOM is well positioned to leverage this opportunity and address this hyper growth market, with its broad portfolio of products and technology.”


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