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Made to order MEMS 3D optical matrix switches available

Now available from OptoTest is the custom, made-to-order OP720-Matrix MEMS 3D Optical Switch for fibre optic manufacturers, test laboratories, and network designers.

3D Tilting MEMS Mirror Matrix Technology incorporated in the OP720-Matrix switch maintains bidirectional connectivity of active channels while others are being connected and routed, providing high-speed, reliability, and long life, with no large moving parts that can wear out over time. 

An OP720-Matrix switch can be ordered with up to 96 x 96 channels when configured for Any Input to Any Output, and up to 48 ports when configured for Any Port to Any Port. When ordered as an Any Input to Any Output switch, any input port can be routed to any output port. A fully non-blocking design enables up to 96 channels to be active at the same time. The insertion loss of the Any Input to Any Output version is less than 1.4dB, with a switching time of less than 25ms.

When ordered as an Any Port to Any Port switch, any port can be routed to any other port. This enables the switch to be changed from 1 x 47 to 24 x 24 channels on the fly, eliminating the need for multiple dedicated single-use switches and offering endless options. The typical insertion loss of the Any Port to Any Port version is 1.0dB, with a maximum loss of 2.0dB. Switching time is 25ms with repeatability of 0.1dB.

Both configurations of the OP720-Matrix switch are available in a rack-mountable 2U enclosure for versions with up to 48 ports, and a 4U enclosure for more than 48 ports, and can also be used on the benchtop. All configurations can incorporate ST, FC, SC, LC, or other optical interfaces as specified by the customer.


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