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Metro 100G Solution

Transmode, which supplies packet-optical networking equipment, has launched a CFP-based all-pluggable 100G solution for Metro networks with support for coherent optics. It supports both Layer 1 WDM transport and Layer 2 packet-optical applications.

To address the specific challenges of the metro network environment, Transmode's new Metro 100G Solution includes three flexible plug-in units: a 100G Transponder; a 100G Muxponder; and a 220G Layer 2 Ethernet Muxponder (EMXP). The new EMXP is part of the company's family of EMXP units that support Ethernet switching in the Native Packet Optical 2.0 architecture with a common Ethernet feature set from 1G or 10G CPE access nodes to a 100G core network.

Sten Nordell, Transmode's Chief Technology Officer, said: 'The Metro P-OTS market is the fastest growing segment of the optical networking industry and one that Transmode already serves well. We are the largest vendor of Metro Edge P-OTS in EMEA and we support customers across the globe with highly sophisticated packet-optical networks. We can now extend these to 100G while also extending our existing TM-2000 based Layer 1 100G capabilities deeper into metro networks.'

The range of new units will be available from Q2 this year. They bring better economics to metro 100G applications as well as greater flexibility. The use of new coherent CFPs greatly reduces power consumption and increases solution density. The new 100G Transponder draws only 75W including optics.

The new units support operation with shorter reach SR-10, LR-10 or LR-4 optics or longer reach Coherent 100G CFP units that can support applications up to 800km. The units can be deployed in existing TM-Series networks and can be deployed in networks supporting any lower speed wavelengths such as 2.5G, 10G, 40G or other protocol specific rates such as 16G Fibre Channel.

The 100G Transponder and 100G Muxponder use OTN transport and multiplexing to transport 100G or 10x 10G services across optical networks including Transmode's ROADM based Flexible Optical Networks. The new Ethernet Muxponder, the EMXP 220 IIe, supports the same suite of Ethernet and MPLS-TP software as the rest of the EMXP family. The unit has 12x 10G ports and one 100G and a central 220G switch giving wire-speed switching. Each port contains optional OTN transport capabilities meaning the unit is effectively 13 transponders and a transport optimized switch in a single 2 slot unit.

Transmode's EMXP family combines the best of the optical and Ethernet worlds including MEF Carrier Ethernet 2.0 (CE2.0) services, MPLS-TP and OTN transport. The EMXP family provides industry-leading transport performance with ultra-low latency and zero jitter to ensure high service performance and scalability. The family now supports 1G, 10G and 100G Ethernet capabilities and spans applications from the customer premise to the core network.


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