Molex shows high-density optical EMI shielding adapters

When optics moves onto the line card, systems developers need to find ways to manage electromagnetic interference (EMI) through the front panel. That’s where Molex’s high-density optical EMI shielding adapters come in. The company displayed its new line of multi-port EMI adapters with internal laser protection shutters on its booth, 3218, at OFC 2017, on 21–23 March in Los Angeles.

“As data rates increase to 25Gb/s, 50Gb/s and beyond, EMI containment becomes a concern for designers,” explained Josh Krantz, global product manager, Molex. “High-density EMI adapters from Molex provide an improved EMI shielding effectiveness benefit when compared to traditional plastic adapters, as validated through an extensive testing regimen. The multi-port options also ease space constraints on the panel and increase the number of ports on the line card.”

The adapters feature metal housings with an EMI gasket that seals them to the panel, to provide more effective shielding and improved front-panel aesthetics compared to traditional plastic adaptors. The internal laser protection shutters maintain eye safety requirements when inserting and removing the connector.

Molex’s new EMI shielding adapters support a variety of connector types including MXC, MTP/MPO, MT, and Molex’s proprietary high-density backplane connector system, HBMT. A complete line of industry standard MTP/MPO and MXC cable assemblies are available, as well as customised FlexPlane and Routed Ribbon products to meet each customer’s unique cable management needs.


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